30 Stylish Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Taking a closer look at a variety of color, furniture and artistic touches you can add to your contemporary living room.

Contemporary decor can encompass a wide range of styles, textures, and colors. Whether you are looking for something that creates an elegant feel, or one that brings whimsy to the room, you can easily find ideas for that below.

Adding stylistic furniture, elegant lighting, and unique wall art to the room can not only help blend in various color palettes, but can also serve as conversation pieces and eye-catching decor.

If you’re not sure what options are available for your contemporary living room, here are a range of different possibilities that may work for you and the room you have in mind. While these ideas are focused on living rooms, they can work equally well in bedrooms, dens, and kitchens.

Use stormy colors to make a room feel cozy

Spacious Room With Stormy Color Decor
Studio BD

Having a color aesthetic that works with stormy grays and darker blues or black is a great way to make a room feel cozy and relaxing. The sounds of a soothing thunderstorm are often used as a sleep aid, but the colors as well can make a room feel more relaxing, welcoming, and cozy.

Simplistic furniture options can improve a room

Spacious Room With Minimalist Furniture Choices
Liljencrantz Design

Sometimes less is more, and this can be true with a variety of furniture options as well. Instead of going with large seating arrangements that take up most of the room, instead opt for some more simplistic yet comfortable seating options for yourself and your family.

Match a stylish ceiling light to a unique table

Room With Stylish Lamps And Tables
Reena Sotropa

Blending two different main elements of the room together can help bring the whole aesthetic together in a mesh of contemporary elegance. For example, consider matching a ceiling lamp to a coffee table for a unique combination of top and bottom decor.

Mixing a range of similar colors together works well

Room With Gold And Tan Colors
Michelle Boudreau Design

Many contemporary rooms look pleasing to the eye when similar colors are combined such as white, gold, tan, and white. If you love having a bright and well-lit room, but the stark whiteness of a single color is not appealing, consider combining a few pale or neutral colors together.

Break up a white room with colored furniture

Mostly White Room With Contrasting Furniture
Leclair Decor

Having a mostly white room is great for giving a bright and well-lit aesthetic, but using darker colored furniture can help break up the room and direct your eyes to certain areas or create eyelines to decor and conversation pieces you want to display in the room.

Use retractable room dividers to increase space

Large Open Room With Retractable Dividers
Nicky Kaplan Interiors

If you have a mostly open floor plan, using retractable room dividers is a great way to adjust the space you have available whenever you want it. If you’re entertaining, open up the room for more space. If you’re relaxing, close it down and make the room more cozy.

Spread a favorite color throughout the room

Room With Contrasting Color Spread Throughout
Menendez Architects PC

It’s easy to blend colors throughout your room. Pick one contrasting color that can be found in other accent items and blend it throughout; such as black and white wall art, black throw pillows, smoked glass tables, and black wood accent pedestals.

Bring outdoor accents indoors for style

Bright Open Room With Tree Decor
Kim Gordon Designs

Bringing a bit of the outdoors into your room is easily done with a range of potted shrubs and trees. If you are not interested in the upkeep of real plants, or having to prune them back as they grow, consider realistic faux trees with silk leaves for the same aesthetic.

Blend floral decor with actual potted plants

Room With Floral Decor And Plants
Studio Ashby

Adding potted plants both large and small is a nice addition to any room, but they pair exceptionally well with floral decor in the room such as pillows with leaf patterns, artwork with flower blooms, and other similar naturalistic themes.

Oversized artistic chandeliers are great for lighting

Stylish Room With Large Artistic Chandelier
Jean-Louis Deniot

Lighting is important in any room, but in your contemporary room you can opt for a large and artistic chandelier. If your ceilings are high, you can find a vertical chandelier, but if your ceilings are average height, a horizontal lighting arrangement can make a great addition to the room.

Use white decor with marbling patterns

Mostly White Room With Marble Decor
Michelle Gerson

If you love a mostly white room aesthetic, but still want a bit of variation, consider adding marbled decor for a small amount of color. Marbled designs won’t overpower your white decor but will still add another layer to your room design and overall look.

Mix and match squares and rectangles

Room With Square And Rectangle Furniture

Contemporary and modern decor shares a number of traits, including right angles. Square and rectangle shaped furniture is a great choice for any contemporary living room or sitting room. Look for square cushions, rectangle tables, and other furniture with right angles.

Add various decor options for a unique look

Combined Room With Various Decor Options

Mixing a variety of decor options is a great way to blend a room together for the perfect and most unique contemporary aesthetic. Try using large lighting elements, stylistic clocks, and different seating arrangements for a unique blend of decor styles.

Use floor to ceiling windows as part of the decor

Room With Large Windows And Curtains
Adam Richards

If your room has oversized floor to ceiling windows, use them as part of your room’s aesthetic by dressing them in matching or contrasting curtains. Window dressing can be used as a contrasting bright element in drab rooms, or can blend in with the existing decor nicely.

Add stylish and unique style of chair

Contemporary Room With Unique Chair Style
Paul Lamb

Having an eye-catching style of chair that also serves as a conversation piece can add a unique aesthetic to the entire room. Look for artistic chairs that contrast with your room color so they serve as an instantly viewed area of the room for visitors and family.

Blend gray and sand colors for a unique look

Mostly Tan Room With Gray Accents
Darren Jett

Finding the right color to mix with tan or sand shades can be difficult, but gray is one of the best colors to pair with it. These two muted colors work well alone or when combined together, and are a fitting color aesthetic for a contemporary living room or bedroom.

Add a large plant to your room

Large Plant In A Decorated Room
Fabrizio Casiraghi

Having a potted plant or small shrub can add a unique aesthetic to your contemporary space. Plants of all types fit into a wide range of room decors. You can enjoy small potted plants for shelves and side tables, or large plants in floor vases and planters.

Mix wood tones and shades for a unique look

Room With Mixed Wood Color Shades
Kevin Dumais

Sticking with a single wood type in a room can sometimes feel overbearing. Instead, try mixing a variety of wood types and wood tones for a unique look. Medium and light woods pair well together, as to dark and medium woods in both natural and faux styles.

Mix creams and sky blues with mostly white rooms

Mostly White Room With Pastel Colors
Giannetti Home

Adding some gentle muted or pastel colors to a mostly white room is a great way to add color without it becoming overbearing in the room. Try using tans, muted yellows, sky blues, grays, and other subdued tones for the best results.

Create a relaxing reading nook for you and visitors

Reading Nook Near Large Glass Windows
Design Works Interiors

Having a spacious reading nook is great for entertaining visitors as well as relaxing and enjoying a favorite book. You can create a small and relaxing space by scooting your favorite seating options close together near a bright window for natural lighting.

Use brightly colored wall art to add whimsy to a room

Room With Brightly Colored Wall Art
Blejer Architecture

Brightly colored wall art can help turn a casual looking contemporary room into a stylish and eye-catching space. Use one or two pictures for minor accents, and multiple pictures or other art as a way to change the dominant color of the room.

Use stylistic wood heating units for rooms

Spacious Room With Wood Heating Unit
Mutuus Studio

Enjoying the warmth of a crackling fire is a relaxing way to add charm to a room. By installing a stylish wood burning stove to a room, you not only ensure the room remains warm during cold nights but you add a new decoration to the room that can pair well with other decor items.

Use live or faux plants for practical room division

Spacious Area With Planted Half Wall
Anderson Design Studio

In open floor plan homes, using half-walls is a great way to break up and divide spaces. In the kitchen area, consider planting live plants on a half wall to not only provide a stylish way to divide the rooms, but also to create an elegant spot for your favorite plants or herbs.

Add fur accents to add a touch of rustic charm

Room With Fur Accents And Decor
Black Lacquer Design

Contemporary rooms are not limited by much when it comes to decor. If you are looking for a bit of rustic charm, add some faux or natural fur accents such as blankets or pillows to your space. These will act as useful comfort items as well as eye-catching conversation pieces.

Don’t be afraid to be unique and eclectic

Room With Eclectic And Whimsical Decor
The English Room

If you’re tired of the same boring colors, go a little wild with your decor and turn your contemporary room into a whimsical and eclectic conversation starter. Mix bright colors, unique patterns, and a wide range of different textures for a look that is entirely yours.

Use artistic light diffusion for bright rooms

Room With Wooden Light Diffuser Wall
ZeroEnergy Design

Light diffusion can help darken a bright room without causing unsightly shadows. Artistic wooden light diffusion panels are great for a variety of locations and can work in any room of your home. They do best when placed near windows or between rooms.

Statues can add to the elegance of a contemporary room

Room With Stylish Statues And Decor

If you love having eye-catching decor, consider adding statues to your contemporary room. Life size statues, smaller shelf decor, and other attractive items can draw your eye and give visitors plenty to admire in your stylish and elegant contemporary haven.

Arrange your furniture in right angles for stylish looks

Stylish Contemporary Room With Modern Furniture
Paula Ables Interiors

Part of having a contemporary room means keeping your furniture arranged in right angles and with spacious placement. This not only allows plenty of seating space for family and friends, but also gives your room a spacious and welcoming feel.

Use large decorative lampshades to decorate a room

Contemporary Room With Large Globe Lampshades
Blue Heron

Finding the right lamps or lampshades can make a huge difference in how a room looks overall. With a contemporary living area, try finding large eye-catching lampshades that can not only serve as useful decor but a conversation piece as well.

Use simplistic furniture choices for a spacious feel

Large Room With Simplistic Furniture Choices
Michelle Burgess Design

If you want your room to feel more spacious and open, consider going with simplistic modern style furniture. This will ensure you have a variety of seating options, while also enjoying a room that feels spacious and open for you and visitors to enjoy.