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Staying Cool In Style: 10 Beautiful Fans For Summer


wood round fan

Anne Hathaway wasn’t exaggerating when she told The Observer that New York summers can be a lot like “living inside of a mouth.” While the image isn’t the most appetizing, it is most certainly apt. New York City, despite all of its charm, has a tendency of becoming unbearably hot and humid during the summer. With May upon us, it is just about that time when we all begrudgingly reach into our closets and dust off the plastic fans and putty-colored AC units that have been in hiding for the last few months, necessary evils when the temperature starts veering dangerously close to the triple digits.

While fans may indeed be a requirement this time of year, they need not be the eye sores they typically are. If you’re interested in keeping cool in style this summer, skip the drug store aisle and go for one of these chic options. They’re so beautiful, you might just want to leave them out all year!

Charlie Fan

chrome standing fan

The Charlie Fan from Stadler Form is a classic, no-frills design with an all-metal construction.

Charlie Fan Little

small silver fan

The desk-sized counterpart to the standard “Charlie Fan,” this model packs the same punch at a smaller scale.

Q Fan

sculptural modern fan

Stadler Form’s Q Fan is a beautiful melding of form and function, just as much a piece of sculpture as it is a useful object.

Allaire Telescoping Fan

vintage style black fans

Restoration Hardware’s Allaire fan combines top-notch construction and durability with a timeless industrial look.

Haiku Fan

modern black ceiling fan

This sleek black construction from Big Ass Fans sure beats the run-of-the-mill ceiling fan.

Arden Fan

wood leg tripod fan

With a retro-style form and wooden legs, The Arden fan from Fanimation will be right at home in the living room.

Vornado Fan

metal vintage style fan

With a stylish throwback look and cutting-edge “vortex” technology, this fan from Vornado combines good looks and great design.

Artemis Fan

modern maple ceiling fan

The Artemis ceiling fan from Minka Aire features a maple finish and a central light with etched opal glass.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM06

futuristic silver and black fan

For those going for an ultra-futuristic look, try out this hyper-modern fan design from Dyson.

Otto Fan

wood and black round fan

Stadler Form’s Otto Fan features a circular bamboo frame that looks fantastic in a modern interior.

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