Bundle Up In The Best Blankets For 2021 And Beyond

As temperatures continue to drop and we embrace the holiday gift-giving season, we took a cue from the many blankets and throws our designers have been ordering for clients to bring you the best blankets to ring in the season in stylish comfort for extra warmth, and design flourishes throughout your home.

Loewe Striped Mohair Blanket

A future heirloom from Spanish heritage leather house Loewe, their range of blankets, like with all of their products, is a nod to the house’s artisanal history boasting impeccable craftsmanship.

Available in a wide array of options from printed to solid, we like their collegiate-inspired striped styles as they’ll instantly add the right finishing touch to just about any room and are so coveted and rare, they’ll also work as a wonderful conversation-starter. Even better though are the options available in a super heavy-duty knit ply that look spongy and give off the feel of a much-loved fisherman sweater.

Michael Aram Dyed Throw

Michael Aram’s super cozy, textured dip-dyed mohair throw boasts a comforting organic look thanks to its dye process that blends tonal shades for an almost artisanal feel. Pair it with almost any style of seating for added texture and an elegant sense of play as while it may not feature a print, it nevertheless has an impactful feel about than say, a solid option would. 

Pendleton + Nike Collaboration

Looking for the best blankets that are affordable yet come packed with intriguing history and stories behind their prints? Stalwart American textile firm Pendleton has been producing quality textiles for over 150 years and delivers virtually indestructible, iconic blankets in an endless variety of graphic prints.

Best of all, again, is the charming history behind each print that will make handing them down through generations all the more personal and riveting.

Hermes Avalon Blanket

Hermes’ Avalon Dots Throw makes for a great alternative to the more predictable logo options the luxury goods house perennially has on offer season after season. Featuring a playful nod to Op-Art of the ’60s, its vibrant optical dot print is a cozy route for adding visual interest anywhere in your home.

Frette Chains Throw

From heritage luxury linen label Frette comes an ultra-soft versatile wool and cashmere blend throw that’s certain to help you embrace the chill in subtle sophistication for years to come.

With a timeless chainlink graphic, Frette’s Chains Throw will pair well with any design style and will never go out of style or look dated. Plus it’ll lend just the right amount of visual play to even the most minimal of spaces.

West Elm Tipped Faux Fur

On sale for just under $50, West Elm’s faux fur throw boasts a large enough scale to properly envelop you in plush comfort and features clever dyed tips to give off the effect of genuine fur.

Besides the price and great range of colors available, they make for a well-considered alternative to genuine fur, are easy to maintain, and will last a lifetime thanks to their synthetic composition.

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Knit Blanket

Never thought we’d see a throw that was so subversive with it’s nod to punk styling. Raf Simon’s blanket for Calvin Klein will make a defining statement in any space with its heavy-duty knit, stunning star design, and unexpected oversized logo. Use it as a conversation-starter, or wear it around the home as a chic wrap as its certain to be one of the most fashionable, collectible blankets of the season.

Best of all, it’ll pair well with just about any design style, from the traditional to the nautical to the contemporary.