Best Houston Interior Designers and Decorators: Top 15

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home or are looking for a complete restorative overhaul, we’re looking at the best interior designers in Houston from Memorial to Montrose, to help you redefine your home with elevated style.

From the well-established purveyors of old-world style to a new generation of top Houston interior designers, here’s our survey of the best local interior designers in the industry to consider for your home.

Cathy Echols

Long considered one of the top Houston interior designers, home decor vanguard Cathy Echols creates rich ultra-luxurious spaces that evoke old-world grandeur and spirited everyday glamor.

Her interior decoration method is simple; start with basic elements that are beautifully designed and layer away with sumptuous details and decadent extras – which is why it comes as no surprise that she continues to rank as one of the best interior designers in Houston in the industry.

Laura U

Celebrated for her command on glorious color and everyday elegance, Laura U creates warm and inviting spaces brimming with home decor that reflects her client’s active lifestyles.

Her deft hand at interior decoration and clean, modern spaces keeps her a mainstay when considering top Houston interior designers.


When on the hunt for top Houston interior designers, it pays to study their portfolio and see how their eye for style will enhance your daily life with comforting interior design.

A full-service interior design firm specializing in both commercial and residential projects of all sizes, Sweetlake outfits their client’s spaces with home decor brimming with a sense of pop and play while remaining grounded in reality – an approach that only the best interior designers in Houston can provide with authority. 

Paloma Contreras

Paloma Contreras portfolio beautifully illustrates a love for old-world traditional everyday elegance married with layers of rich, luminous design punctuated with unexpected patterns and prints and ultra-saturated hues.

With an eye for timeless pieces, classic silhouettes, and a savvy hand at creating distinct, enveloping home decor, Contreras is a potent option for those seeking timeless, polished, and beautifully executed interior design Houston that celebrates the past with subtle updates reflecting today’s tastes. 

Ginger Barber

With a mantra devoted to the beauty of simplicity, Ginger Barber’s take on timeless interior decoration elicits a sense of comfort with life-enhancing joy to be found with her masterful hand at approaching home decor with a natural, organic flow that speaks for itself.


Specializing in high-end interior design Houston, Meg Lonergan’s portfolio is chock full of interior decoration projects that are classic in style yet bold in spirit thanks to her appreciation for charming elegance with a fresh, minimal appeal.

Her body of work is also a great resource for those looking to replicate the look on their own as affordable interior design Houston doesn’t really come close to the elevated spirit of her designs.

Dodson Interiors

An award-winning interior design team dedicated to upgrading each client’s home with precision in Houston and throughout the southeast, Dodson provides enriching interior decoration with a decadent sense of unexpected play and whimsy.A quick survey of their home decor is quick to prove that if you’re looking for Houston interior designers that are masters of stewarding Hollywood Regency home decor, then Dodson is the best avenue to take.

BW Collier

As top Houston interior designers known for creating impeccably realized, livable spaces for their discerning clientele, BW Collier is a terrific resource for those seeking custom furnishings for their newly reinvigorated homes.

Gin Design Group

Top Houston interior designers create deluxe, clean, and fuss-free minimal spaces to represent today’s appreciation for beautifully realized simplicity that’s certain to endure ephemeral trends of any kind.

And there in lies the most valuable requisite for the best interior designers Houston as you want home decor that’ll last a lifetime and beyond.

Global Interiors Group

As top Houston interior designers dedicated to a decidedly more old-school flavor of interior design, Global Interiors Group is an excellent choice for those who aren’t looking for experimentation and are on the market for straight-forward, practical design.

Weidner Hasou & Co.

As a well-established interior design firm long considered the best interior designers Houston, Weider Hasou is a savvy decision if you’re looking for easy, everyday home decor peppered with subtle design nuances certain to catch the eye.


When surveying the interior design scene in Houston, we were delighted to see that Eklektik’s portfolio boasts specialty areas like out-of-this-world closets and game rooms. And as the best interior designers Houston to think outside of the box, they get our seal of approval.

The Design Firm

Known for creating sumptuous environments featuring charming home decor, The Design Firm has an obvious appreciation for charming beauty that only the best interior designers Houston can provide with a sense of pragmatic allure.

Pamela Hope

For traditional takes on tried and true interior design Houston, Pamela Hope is a great option as her portfolio represents a commitment to classic home styling that on the best interior designers Houston would have the know-how to implement with success.

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