Malibu Interior Designers – The 10 Best Decorators

On the search for an established local decorator but don’t know how to find the best Malibu interior designers? To bring you the best in personalized interior design services to elevate your home, we’re always on the hunt for top design talent from coast to coast to meet every need and match every budget for our clients.

From a brilliantly realized simple room refresh to a life-enhancing gut renovation, we’ve created a comprehensive survey of the 10 best Malibu interior design firms as the ultimate resource for your next home décor project.From the traditional to the contemporary, here’s our take on go-to decorators acing Malibu style interior design.

Janette Mallory

A leading Los Angeles luxury interior design firm located in Malibu and Calabasas, Janette Mallory is focused on providing clients spaces that evoke warmth and comfort through fine craftsmanship and well-edited furnishings and art.

As one of the most contemporary Malibu interior designers, for us to come across, Janette Mallory defines a home or commercial space with furnishings that while practical and classic, are peppered with unexpected elements for a strikingly visual, rich and layered statement.

And when looking at other interior designers in Malibu, her spaces, again, come off as fresh, charming, and unique.

Alexander DB

Full-service interior designers in Malibu providing comprehensive services from concept to completion, Alexander DB and team are celebrated for creating extraordinary blends of contemporary, custom, and vintage pieces from a variety of eras.

And though their portfolio is brimming with haute contemporary works, their takes on Malibu style interior design are the epitome of laid-back casual California cool.

Kimberly Demmy

The alluring spaces Kimberly Demmy creates not only highlight the beauty of Malibu style interior design, but they also riff on current home décor trends with a youthful, fuss-free, and collected spirit with nods to mid-century modern interior design.

Her work leaves spaces looking bright and airy, and while completely current, there’s nothing fleeting or ephemeral about her curation as each project looks certain to be in style a lifetime and beyond.

Elizabeth Lamont

With over 20 years of design experience under her belt, Elizabeth Lamont, long considered one of the top go-to Malibu interior designers, shares her wisdom with clients who want the quintessential “California Home” with lush and comforting Malibu style interior design.

A quick survey of her work reveals a deft hand at more traditional-minded décor peppered with beach-friendly vibes for the ultimate of an oasis.

Barbara Grushow

Established in 2006, the Malibu interior designers at boutique residential and commercial firm Barbara Grushow specialize in all aspects of interior design with a keen focus on all phases of construction, remodeling, and renovations.

From traditional Malibu style interior design to mid-century modern and charming transitional décor, their team understands the different dynamics and personae each home has to create a unique, and personal space for clients.

Madeline Stuart

An AD100 interior and architectural designer and creator of her eponymous Madeline Stuart home collection, a line of custom-designed furniture, Madeline Stuart boasts one of the richest and impressive portfolios of all Malibu interior designers.

Not only an expert at serious Malibu style interior design, Madeline Stuart is also accomplished at modern and traditional design styles worthy of endless glossy coverage as her style and curation is just that good.

Cari Berg

Another gifted designer with excellent taste among other top-rated Malibu interior designers, Cari Berg’s work radiates with a strong eye for art placement and a love of unique statement-making design pieces.

Her work reflects the fuss-free sensibility of easy Malibu style interior design, yet each project boasts rich layering concepts that don’t happen overnight for novice interior designers.

Shirry Dolgin

Shirry Dolgin brings with her a remarkable reputation as being an expert renovation master among fellow Malibu interior designers to work with.

Her style, personalized design approach, product knowledge, and construction experience ensures that every client will receive a customized aesthetic unique to their home.

Smith Firestone

As Malibu interior designers armed with an intrinsic ability in understanding each client’s authentic style, Smith Firestone is known for redefining and elevating interiors for top hotel brands, A-list celebrities, and high-profile clients seeking a discerning eye.

And when compared to other interior designers in Malibu, Smith Firestone’s portfolio featuring hyper-elegant yet pared down décor truly speaks for itself.

Abby Rose

If you are looking for practical interior designers in Malibu, Abby Rose makes for a great option to elevate your homes everyday style with ease.

Not only one of the top-rated and accomplished Malibu interior designers in the industry, Abby Rose also services Santa Monica, Studio City, Pacific Palisades, and Greater Los Angeles community.

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