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Tip of The Week: The Best Paint Color for Your Light

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dark kitchen farrow ball

If you’ve ever picked out a paint color at the hardware store only to get home, paint your walls with it, and realize that it looks completely different than you had anticipated—you are not alone. Rarely the hard and fast thing one might expect it to be, color can change significantly depending on its context, subject to environmental influences like neighboring colors, space, and most importantly—light.

“When picking paint colors,” our designers advise, “take note of what kind of light you get in the area you are painting. Color will look different in natural light, incandescent, and fluorescent.” Whenever possible, it’s always best to obtain paint samples from your supplier and test out colors in small patches before committing to a final choice. Choosing colors can be difficult so get more tips for painting your walls here.

Pictured: A kitchen painted with Farrow & Ball’s Railings 31 paint color.


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