The 15 Best Interior Designers And Decorators In San Diego

If you’re considering anything from a simple single room refresh to a complete home makeover to a major gut renovation in the San Diego area, we’ve compiled a reference list of go-to inspiring interior designers in the metro area to help you navigate your way and articulate your vision with confidence and ease.For the best in interior design in San Diego for all of your project needs, we suggest you bookmark this page as you’re sure to thank us later for pointing you in the right direction. So here’s to enjoying our takes on the top San Diego interior design firms to consider for good reason.

Jules Wilson

With over 22 years of experience and a roster chock full of stunning interior design projects, it’s no wonder that Jules Wilson continues to top every list highlighting the best interior designers San Diego, and for good reason.As one of the most influential interior design firms in San Diego, Jules Wilson and her savvy team enrich their client’s daily lives with spaces decorated to feel utterly unique with substantial nods to the best interior design styles.

CM Natural Designs

Specializing in lifestyle and natural designs focused on making their client’s lifestyle mirror their home’s interior design in San Diego, the savvy team behind CM Natural Designs takes pride in creating a personalized experience centered around a humanistic approach represented in everything the firm does.

From the personalization of each design process to transparent pricing and accessibility, think of CM as visual storytellers unlike any other interior design firms in the San Diego area.

Bungalow 56

When looking for modern approaches to local interior design that’s on-trend yet timeless to boot, sometimes the best interior designers in San Diego may just surprise you with their intuitive takes on what it takes to create a stunning and dynamic space fit for today’s lifestyles and tastes.

One of the top interior design firms in San Diego, Bungalow 56 boasts an enviable portfolio that’s certain to get you inspired and they also have an e-commerce shop featuring great decorative finds at budget-friendly prices. 

Liz Tapper

With a must-visit local decorative boutique in tow, Liz Tapper provides refreshing takes on classic interior design in San Diego that’s evocative of the area’s casual yet refined laid back spirit and natural beauty.

As one of the most distinguished interior design firms in San Diego, it pays to consider those who have a great enough eye to fill an entire boutique as this means they are always on the hunt for the best new, well-designed finds and will bring their eagle eye to your project as well. 

Savvy Interiors

A boutique interior design firm in San Diego, we admire their no-nonsense mission statement regarding taking a truly ugly, tired, and outdated space as there’s ‘nothing that warms the heart like demolition day.’ And we couldn’t agree more.

As one of the area’s top-rated interior design firms San Diego, the decorators behind Savvy create bright and airy spaces reflective of the natural features of the local.

Lori Dennis

Best-selling author and star of HGTV’s “The Real Designing Women,” Lori Dennis continues to hold the helm as one of the top interior design firms San Diego thanks to her fierce commitment to beautiful, functional design and richly layered, inspiring spaces.

Long considered one of the best in interior design San Diego, Lori Dennis’ work is the epitome of cool, uncomplicated design with a decidedly elegant and modern sensibility.  

Megan Swabb

A full-service award-winning boutique interior design firm mastering residential and commercial modern interior design San Diego, this team of savvy designers is serious about creating an unstoppable ‘wow’ factor for their projects.

And as one of the most esteemed interior design firms San Diego, we love their commitment to the craft and their initiative of giving back to the area by providing free professional design services to solve needs in the community.

Dawson Design Group

With over a decade under their belt servicing the community, Dawson Design Group practices modern interior design San Diego and has completed over 100 admirable projects since launching.Which is a great number to take note of when considering the best in interior design San Diego for your next home project as you should want a team that has more than enough proof of what they deliver.

Kirstin Lomoauro

With 25+ years of recognition as one of the best interior design firms San Diego, Kirstin Lomauro and her team of décor enthusiasts provide sumptuous interior design San Diego for some of the city’s most discerning residents.  


Providing one of the more lively and rich takes on interior design San Diego, Esteban is celebrated for introducing new concepts and practices that reflect their client’s individual needs and unique style.

As one of the longstanding top interior design firms San Diego, Esteban and team believe that great design should last a lifetime, and quality of said design and materials is essential.

Kern & Co

Considered a go-to interior design San Diego source for homeowners, architects, and real estate professionals throughout San Diego County and beyond, Kern & Co creates stimulating, timeless interiors that go past trend and is routinely celebrated as one of the top interior design firms San Diego.


Dedicated to making the journey as memorable as the final destination, a quick scan through the firm’s portfolio is certain to yield a firm grasp on many different design styles and tastes in order to cater to each client’s unique vision and lifestyle.

For the best interior design services San Diego, we suggest you seek a team as dedicated to sharing their wisdom to enhance your everyday life similar to Robeson’s mission.


By far one of the most forward-thinking teams of the bunch, Tecture provides brilliant services focused on innovative and cooperative customized design solutions and believe that every project of theirs should tell a story that resonates with those who encounter it for a refreshing take on interior design San Diego.And if you’re looking for clever takes on modern interior design, albeit with a natural organic and sustainable spirit, Tecture is a great route as their portfolio highlights a series of unique commercial and residential projects unlike any others in the area. 


With a fierce commitment to beautiful, functional, and best of all affordable interior design San Diego for projects both large and small, multi-award winning design firm Blythe interiors creates practical spaces brimming with sophistication for easy everyday glamor.

As you can see, there are plenty of great options to take in when shopping for the best interior designers San Diego and we hope this list has already got you on your way to reimagining your house to last a lifetime and beyond.

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