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Tip Of The Week: Black and White Stripped Rugs

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We all know the fashion rule of wearing vertical stripes to look a bit slimmer, and just as stripes can elongate the body, they can also do the same for a room. Our designers suggest, “that when you’re looking to find a rug for a room, think stripes.” We’re particularly fond of the big graphic punch welded by black and white striped rugs.

You can find them in a variety of price ranges. From the low end at Ikea to Madeline Weinrib’s Versa Cotton Carpet, handmade in India, there’s a version for every budget. They are modern, graphic and surprisingly versatile. If you’re reluctant to make a big color decision, why don’t you let the pattern do all the talking? And if the rug is for your dining space, don’t miss our How to Choose a Dining Room Rug.

Black & White Impact

black and white striped area rug

The graphic appeal of a black & white striped rug makes a big impact in even the smallest, most neutral of spaces. Via Hege in France

Black & White in the Kitchen

black and white striped runner

Black & White in the Office

striped rug small office design

Striped Rug with Twin Beds

striped rug with twin beds

Swedish Living Room

striped rug scandinavian living room

Black & White in the Kids Room

graphic rug nursery room

Black & White Stripes in the Living Room

graphic striped rug living room

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