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7 Vacation Home Bunk Beds you will love


modern white light fixture

Much like butterfly chairs, beanbags, and inflatable anything, bunk beds are one of those pieces of furniture that you absolutely have to have as a kid, but once you’re out of college, you never feel 100 percent comfortable getting in or out of them. When it comes to bunk beds, though, you might not be able to escape them so easily. Bunk rooms are a staple of lake cottages, beach houses, and other summer retreats for a reason: Necessity. Luckily, bunk beds have evolved past the rickety frames and wobbly ladders you might remember from your last double decker sleeping experience. Now, custom bunk beds have everything from full-sized mattresses to steps to privacy curtains. These dreamy sleeping quarters will make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about bunk beds.

Custom Lattice Railing

white lattice railing bunk beds

This airy bunk room feels clean and crisp with its all-white palette. A few thoughtful pops of color in the room, including yellow accents on the bedding and the inside of the railing’s lattice design, which is painted Benjamin Moore’s Peacock Blue, add a playful touch to the space. 

Via House Beautiful

Kid-Friendly Design

stairs curtains bunk bed

If you have little ones and the ladders and railings on most bunk beds might (understandably) make you a bit nervous. But not with this version. A set of stairs leads up to the bunk, which is accessible through a kid-sized arched opening. Plus, a sturdy x-shaped railing and curtains should make your child (and you) feel secure.

Via Amy Berry Design

Stylish Built-Ins

blue chairs bunk beds zebra rug

With bunk beds tucked into the wall, alcove style, there’s plenty of room for hanging out in this lounge-like bedroom. Drawers under the bottom bunk offer additional storage, and rolling bar makes it easy to move the ladder out of the way. A zebra-print area rug in the middle of this slumber party-ready bunk room sets a youthful vibe, while floor cushions and a pair of bright blue chairs offer plenty of options for sitting and relaxing.

Via Brit + Co

Bright Spots

bunk beds reading lights windows

The problem with many bunk beds is that at least one bed ends up being too dark, especially the bottom bunk. Not so with this wall of bunk beds, which was thoughtfully designed with a small window in each sleeping space. When the sun goes down, the occupants can stay up reading thanks to a sconce above each bed. Even better, each bed has a privacy curtain, so the lights won’t keep anyone else up.


Adult-Friendly Design

white bunk beds window seat

One of the things that makes adults hesitant to stay in a bunk room is likely the memories of all the times they sat up and hit their head on the ceiling in college. Not so with this room. Vaulted ceilings make banging your forehead far less likely, and the upscale coastal design won’t make you feel like you’re in a child’s room. The cushy window seat is just right for afternoon reading or late-night gossiping, and the storage drawers mean that the contents of everyone’s weekend bags won’t be strewn around the room.


Bold Patterns

blue white patterned bunk room

A striking painted chevron floor and vibrant fish print curtains make a strong statement in what would otherwise be an understated bunk room. Despite the bold prints, though, the room doesn’t feel overwhelming, thanks to the classic blue and white color palette.

Via The Daily Catch

Loft-Style Bunk

loft bunk modern light fixture

Sure, this bed isn’t your typical bunk, but we think it qualifies because it represents another break from the stereotypical bunk room. The serene silvery grey and white color palette, combined with the clean-lined furniture and modern pendant lighting, make this one of the most elegant bunk rooms we’ve ever seen.  

Via House of Turquoise

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