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Shop Talk: Boston General Store


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When they’re creating a space, our designers spend just as much time on the little details — the accessories on the book shelves, the objects on the coffee table — as they do on the big ones. After all, it’s those small unique details that bring personality into a home. When they’re working on our  Boston projects , a favorite place to hunt for the perfect accessory is the Boston General Store, which has been a SOWA favorite and making appearances at pop-up shops around town since 2013. And later this month, the store will have a new permanent home in Brookline.

Store owner April Gabriel was inspired to open shop after recalling childhood summers spent with her Nanna in the Berkshires. April never saw her Nanna buy anything new, instead she had made the decision to invest in quality pieces that had longevity. April wanted to bring that same sense of permanence to modern design, and so Boston General Store was born. See some of our favorite beautiful objects from this Boston gem.

Wood Stainless Kettle

modern stainless kettle

This pour-over kettle, handmade in Japan, looks just as pretty off the stove as on.

Stone Food Slab

stone food slab

Created by Massachusetts-based American Stonecraft, these Food Slabs are crafted from field stones that have been hand-gathered at rocky working farms. They are then hand sawn with diamonds, hand polished to make them smooth, and finished with a food-safe stain-resistant seal. Each fieldstone’s farm provenance is labeled on the underside the finished stone.

Canoe Paddle

graphic canoe paddle

These canoe paddles are almost too beautiful to put in the water. We’d love to use them as wall decor. But if water sports are your thing, these Minnesota-made paddles are perfect for smooth water gliding.

Muddler Collection

wooden muddlers

These muddlers are hand-turned in Minnesota and each one is unique. These are the perfect bar cart accessory and can help you turn that home grown mint into a mojito before your guests can count to three.

Spanish Wine Glasses

spanish wine glasses

Sip Rioja from these Spanish wine glasses and you’ll be transported to a Barcelona cafe. Each glass has been handmade in Poland giving each glass a uniqueness.

Round Trivet

round wood trivet

This vintage wood tray is made from 19th century timber, salvaged from old buildings throughout Europe, and then handcrafted in Hungary.

Eau Carafe

glass water carafe

This carafe has binchotan active charcoal, which has been used as Japan as a water purifier since the 17th century. It reduces the chlorine in the water, balances the pH, and looks good doing it.

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