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Brooklyn Furniture Makers Our Designers Love


hex wood table

Just across the bridge lies a goldmine of raw (or, more appropriately, live edge) furniture making talent. There’s a lot of hype surrounding the borough, but in reality, Brooklyn really is quite the talent trove. Check out a round-up of makers we want to work with. Did we miss your favorite Brooklyn furniture maker? Tweet us a photo. Check out more inspiring objects on our Pinterest.


Samko rejoices in finding treasures where others see disrepair. In a Cool Hunting interview, Samko “claim[es] joists and structural beams from old demolished buildings is a great and underused resource.” Czechoslovakian-born and Brooklyn hazed, his pieces speak to structure as well as play, embracing aesthetic imperfections and capitalizing on them, making them beautiful. His line is definitely all his own and can be recognized by his expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, but each piece is its own gift, quite like a well written poem among a book of poetry. Secret embellishments and homages to his influencers (like Dali) play a key role in what makes the brand so special.


Well-known for championing live edge, this Brooklyn workshop isn’t afraid to mix it up. With materials, that is. Pairing long haired wool with oak boards never looked so good. A cool collaboration with Nersi Nasseri resulted in a piece called Orbit.


We met Asher at ICFF over the summer and had a really fun talk about brass inlay and Brooklyn. We first called the RISD graduates’ work ephemeral and we’re sticking to it. We were especially enamored with his astrally-charged pieces like the Star Map Table.


Jonah Zuckerman creates thoughtful concept pieces like the Gathering Table have an all-in-one feel. Yet another RISD grad, Zuckerman uses his New York roots to solve problems faced in the city. His travels to Nepal furthered his interest in multiple-functioned furnishings, proving Joinery to be an apt name for the brand. The interesting approach to all-encompassing pieces act like a one-man-band in a space. See the pieces below for a better idea of how that is achieved. And although City Joinery has moved from BK to MA where the rent is (scantily) less, he still has Brooklyn heritage and still makes our list.

Pile Of Wood Chairs

pile of wood chairs

Palo Samko

Secret Compartment Wood Table

secret compartment wood table

Palo Samko

Round Dining Table Industrial Base

round dining table industrial base

Palo  Samko

Modern Wood Rocking Chair

modern wood rocking chair

Volk Furniture

Leaning Wood Ladder With Drawer

leaning wood ladder with drawer

Volk Furniture.

Modern Wood Drawer Design

modern wood drawer design

Volk Furniture

Vintage Wood Chest With Pops Of Color

vintage wood chest with pops of color

Volk Furniture

Wood Drawers Pedestal Legs

wood drawers pedestal legs

Volk  Furniture

Hex Wood Table Colorful Inlay

hex wood table colorful inlay

Volk  Furniture.

Handmade Wood Credenza

handmade wood credenza


Wood Bench With Book Storage

wood bench with book storage


Live Wood Chair Back Design

live wood chair back design


Black Hutch Furniture

black hutch furniture


Brown Fur Sofa

brown fur sofa


Live Edge Thick Slab Wood Table

live edge thick slab wood table


Wood And Fur Armchair

wood and fur armchair

Asher Israelow

Glass And Wood Sculptural Dining Table

glass and wood sculptural dining table

Asher Israelow.

Wood Chair Brass Studs

wood chair brass studs

Asher Israelow

Wood Dining Table Brass Studs

wood dining table brass studs

Asher  Israelow

Low Leather Bench With Storage

low leather bench with storage

City Joinery.

Wooden Credenza With Brass Inlay

wooden credenza with brass inlay

City Joinery

Wood Drawer Joinery

wood drawer joinery

City  Joinery.

Elaborate Coffee Table Design

elaborate coffee table design

City Joinery

Low Profile Wood Platform Bed

low profile wood platform bed

City Joinery

Red Velvet Daybed

red velvet daybed

City Joinery

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