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How To Create a Relaxing Room With Monochrome

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blue bed

Ask any designer—color is one of the most powerful and versatile tools at one’s disposal. Able to lift a mood and enliven one’s senses, color is an integral part of practically every interior design scheme. Depending on what you want to accomplish with your space, the colors you choose and the way you utilize them will change. For those seeking to create an at-home sanctuary, a respite from the hyper-stimulation of the modern world, color can be a game changer.

“If you want a relaxing space,” our designers note,” try sticking to one color in several different tones.” By sticking to a single, monochromatic color palette, you will reduce visual noise and create a cohesive look, two things that work wonders when it comes to creating a calming space. Below, we’re sharing seven lovely monochrome rooms that we would love to kick back and relax in.

Blue Walls and Artwork

blue bandana wall art

Indigo bandanas are paired alongside a deep blue wall color in this entryway from Martha Stewart Living.

White and Beige Guest Bedroom

Beige relaxing guest bedroom from Veranda

Whites and beiges create a soft look, perfectly suited to this guest bedroom from Veranda.

Black and White Bedroom

black and white scandinavian bedroom design

Black and white is a no-brainer combo when it comes to making a compelling, easy-on-the-eyes interior. Via Lily.

All Blue Bedroom

all blue bedroom interior design

Blues are known for their relaxing qualities. Here, they adorn a bedroom styled by Anna Marselius.

All Gray Living Room

all gray living room interior decorating

A hushed palette of grays and whites creates a serene mood in the home of Katharina Berggreen.

Light Blue Bedroom

aqua master bedroom design

A palette of light aquas ties together this bedroom from New England Home.

Sky Blue Bedroom

light blue living room design

A light blue palette keeps this beachy living room looking serene. Via Home Bunch.

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