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Decor Aid Featured In Lightstyle Magazine



It was a design dilemma from the start. The owners of a townhome in New York’s chic Turtle Bay neighborhood wanted a French country home to remind them of their French heritage, but they were also drawn to a more streamlined mid-century modern aesthetic. Enter the professionals at one of the nation’s leading interior design firms, Décor Aid, who intertwined both style approaches with a light touch.

“Throughout the home, we sourced low- profile and high-sheen pieces, as we wanted to incorporate furniture that would be warm and ornate without being bulky,” said Sean Juneja, co-founder of Décor Aid. “All of the lighting fixtures are vintage mid-century pieces, and a lot of the furniture selections play off this mid- century theme.”

As far as a nod to French design elements goes, the townhome’s ornately-detailed mirror and filigree chandelier in the entrance call to mind the beauty of a Parisian pied-a-terre, while herringbone wood floors authenticate the Gallic feeling. Other installations were timeless and classic in their scope. “The narrow layout of this townhouse was a huge design challenge, so we had to maximize the space that we were given,” said Juneja. “We installed walnut wood paneling throughout the home, which gives the entire space a warm, yet sleek feel. And in the bathroom we installed floor- to-ceiling Carrara marble for a luxurious finish.”

To accentuate the mid-century modern design scheme, low-slung furniture with simple lines, wood accents and a neutral color palette evoking the mid-century era were used to reinforce the retro ambiance. The dining room represents an ideal balance of French and mid-century styles. A chandelier perfectly centers the mid-century modern dining table, which is complemented by the mid-century buffet. Plenty of natural light and neutral tones keep this room feeling open and bright like the French countryside.

“In designing this townhouse, we had to consider that we were creating a home for a family of four,” Juneja said. “So we wanted to source plush area rugs and pillows that would reflect the home’s colorful artwork. In the kid’s room and nursery, we picked simple, easy-to-maintain furniture pieces that also incorporate the mid-century style that’s consistent throughout the home. We also sound-proofed the home, so that the whole family can sleep peacefully.”

At first glance, the master bedroom imparts a luxurious French style in the elegant fireplace and tufted headboard, but mid-century modern is also represented. The chandelier and sconces finished in darker glass and brass underscore the mid-century details, while the rich green drapes showcase one of that time’s most popular color schemes.

Decor Aid envisioned a private French courtyard for the homeowners using geometric shapes and wood accents to enhance the mid-century flair found throughout the interior. This enticing outdoor space offers a respite from busy city life in a refined residential setting that’s a stone’s throw from some of New York’s most famous buildings.

“Turtle Bay is unlike any other neighborhood in New York. Blocks of gorgeous pre-war brownstones are interspersed among high-rises and skyscrapers” said Juneja. “And as the townhouse is within walking distance of some of New York’s marquee landmarks—the Waldorf Astoria, the Roosevelt, and the Chrysler Building to name a few—we wanted the final design to match this classic yet eclectic neighborhood.”

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