Decor Aid Featured In San Diego Home & Gardens I Décor Aid


Decor Aid Featured In San Diego Home & Gardens



A San Francisco project by New York City design firm Decor Aid shows how large-scale artworks can set the mood for an entire room.

“One of the biggest trends we’re seeing is warms, comfortable and colorful pieces replacing cold monochromatic color schemes,” said Decor Aid CEO Sean Juneja. “Pastels and chalkier variations of navy blues, earthy greens and flowery yellows are definitely going to be spicing up the grey palettes that have dominated for the past few years.”


“One surprising trend we’ve seen is a push toward jewel-colored velvet furniture,” he adds. “Modern grey couches that have been popular are being swapped out for velvet pieces that incorporate emerald, sapphire and even ruby tones.”

A living room designed by Decor Aid in New York’s West End Illustrates what CEO Sean Juneja says is a big trend in using chalkier versions of hues to spice up gray palettes.


New York’s Decor Aid gave wood chairs a plush purple treatment in a TriBeCa dining room.

“Bright, shiny metals like copper and rose gold are being swapped out for muted pieces with matte finishes. Items that develop a natural patina are becoming wildly popular,” Sean says. “Whether it’s cabinets, flooring or furniture, wood has been a design constant. With this year’s emphasis on ephemeral and natural objects, that’s not going to change anytime soon.”


“Marble has dominated design for a while and become something used in household objects,” Sean continues.” “While it is still on-trend for 2017, there’s definitely a diversification of materials. We’re going to be seeing a lot more tiles with matte finishes. Terrazzo is a big one that comes to mind.”

A TriBeCa loft dining room by Decor Aid pairs a South Cone Home table with Calligaris chairs. The bleached-wood tabletop rests on a wrought iron base in a matte finish.


Decor Aid CEO Sean Juneja says matte black finishes for appliances are growing in popularity. In January, GE unveiled a matte finish called Black Slate for select GE Cafe models.

“Hard lines have become a bit played out. This spring, we’re going to see a lot of natural pieces that have a more amorphous quality,” Sean says. “Around our office, we’re drawing a lot of inspiration from the Art Deco designs for the 1920s. Modernist designs with natural motifs and shapes are really influencing our outlook on the year.”


Sean Juneja says Decor Aid’s clients are requesting reading nooks. This one, in Greenwich, also illustrates the trends of velvet upholstery, nailhead trim and bold artwork.

“Open floor plans are still hugely popular, but we’re also seeing more people wanting to incorporate reading nooks and other private spaces within their home. Sectioned-off bar areas are becoming more popular than open bars,” Sean says.

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