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Mother’s Day Gift Guide


jonathan adler palm spring vase

Mother’s Day is this weekend, which means that it’s time to get cracking on Mother’s Day presents. Don’t worry if you’ve put off shopping: our senior designers have these recommendations for Mother’s Day gifts.

For the Mother Who Loves Wine

trnk wine breather carafe

If your mother enjoys a glass of red now and again, consider ways to elevate her wine drinking experience. We love this decanter from TRNK. A decanter will help aerate bigger, bolder reds, and will bring out the wine’s full flavor. A polished brass lid secures wine in place while pouring, and a quick flip returns wine to the bottle.

The Wine Breather Carafe is available from TRNK and retails for $85.

For the Mother Who Always Bugs You to Use a Coaster

katy skelton marble coasters

Does your mother always bug you to use a coaster? Mine does. Give her what she wants with a set of coasters from Katy Skelton. Handcrafted with polished Italian Carrara marble, these coasters are the perfect statement piece for the mother who fusses about watermarks. And with a cork underside, these coasters are guaranteed to keep condensation off your mother’s coffee table.

The Marble Coasters from Katy Skelton come in a set of four, and retail for $95.

For the Mother Who Likes Coffee

tom dixon brew stove top set

It’s no secret that we love Tom Dixon’s designs. And if your mother happens to be an espresso drinker, consider giving her a stylish coffee upgrade this Mother’s Day. This lustrous set of coffeeware is crafted with a copper-mirrored stainless steel, and includes a stovetop espresso maker, a coffee caddy, a coffee scoop and four espresso cups. The whole set is carefully packaged in a Tom Dixon gift box, making it the perfect Mother’s Day present.

The Brew Stove Top Set is available from Tom Dixon and retails for $380.

For the Mother Doesn’t Want Flowers, Again

jonathan adler palm spring vase

If you sent flowers last year and want to avoid a repeat, consider getting your mother something to hold a fresh bouquet. We love the Palm Springs Vase Collection from Jonathan Adler. With six different options in striking geometric black and white patters, these handmade vases are perfect for giving mom a dash of exquisite modern design.

Vases from the Jonathan Adler Palm Springs Collection range from $250 to $625.

For the Mother Who Got a Dog When You Moved Out

katy wearstler dog bed

Does your mother’s best friend have four legs? For the pooch and design enthusiast, we love this dog bed from Kelly Wearstler. Stuffed with Trillium, this bed is so comfortable that you’ll want to catch some z’s here as well.

The Gracie Small Dog Bed is available from Kelly Wearstler and retails for $1,000.’

For the Mother With Too Much Jewelry

abc home throw pillow

If your mother has enough gems to open up a jewelry store, consider getting her something that’s shiny and for the home. This pillow is a collaboration between ABC and Aviva Stanoff, and features natural-found pyrite hand-pressed into silk velvet, creating a textured pillows that is extremely comfortable. The grey backing gives this luxurious and colorful pillow a secondary decorating option.

The Aviva Standoff Smolder Pyrite Pillow is available from ABC Home and retails for $350.

The Gift That Any Mother Will Love

horchow faux mink throw

If your mother is the type who loves a comfortable throw blanket—and who doesn’t—consider getting her this faux fur blanket from Horchow. With a luscious ivory coloring, the throw is backed with a silky, lustrous velvet. It has all the comfort of real fur, without any of the guilt.

The Ivory Faux-Mink Throw is available from Horchow and is now on sale for $245.

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