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Tip Of The Week: How to Decorate With Layers

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layered shelf design

The term “layering” runs rampant in fashion magazines and catalogues, from advice on how to best overlay various knits to tips for introducing pattern and texture into your spring wardrobe. Fashion isn’t the only place where layering can be helpful, however. Although it may run counter to one’s immediate impulses, “it’s okay to overlay items and objects,” our designer Frances says.

The next time you redecorate or add accessories to a room, try to think of your space as an overall work of art with objects functioning as compositional elements. Consider placing vertical elements such as lamps or vases in front of artwork, putting objects d’art atop stacks of books, or even letting a large fiddle leaf fig’s branches span out across your gallery wall. “You’re creating depth and mystery,” Frances continues, “and the results might surprise you!”

Monochrome Object Styling

white art objects

A monochrome space is given added depth with a collection of layered objects. Photo by Romain Ricard. Via Coco & Kelley and Elle Decoration.

Brass and Marble Objects

Marble and brass decor side table

Antique Dresser Styling

antique wood side table artwork

Gold and Brass Accessories

gold and brass accessories

Simple Workspace Styling

Minimal desk accessories

Mantel Styling

art styling classic mantel

Nightstand Styling

floral artwork white nightstand

Layering Décor

layered objects on shelf

Stacked Accessories

blue wall framed art

Eclectic Décor

large scale artwork ephemera

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