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6 Stylish Decorating Bedside Tables Ideas

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That moment when your alarm goes off in the morning? Yeah, it’s probably not the best part of your day. But if you roll over and see a beautifully styled bedside table? That makes it better. (At least a little bit.) Find out how to create a dreamy space that ensures you never wake up on the wrong side of bed.

Pictured: Bedside table from our NYC apartment redesign.

Keep it Symmetrical

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Bedside tables look best in matching pairs, preferably with an identical lamp on each. That doesn’t mean that everything on the tables has to be exactly the same, but the symmetry creates a cohesive, polished look. Image from our Upper East Side apartment remodel.

Contain the Clutter

black nightstand

Your bedside table is not the place for piles of papers and books or, worse, stacks of used glasses and dishes. Aside from a few carefully-chosen items, keep the surface clear. So, if you’re not exactly the neat or minimalist type, opt for bedside tables with drawers so that you can keep the nonessentials out of sight. (When you’re not looking at a mess right before you go to bed, you might even sleep better.) Image via Apartment Therapy

Add Some Life

cheery mint nightstand flowers

There’s something undeniably cheery about waking up to fresh flowers. That doesn’t mean you have to invest in weekly bouquets — even a single, delicate stem in a bud vase will make your space feel special. If flowers aren’t your thing, a simple potted succulent is enough to perk up your bedside table. Image via The Decorista

Stay Hydrated

nightstand with drinking glass

Trade the bottle or glass you keep by your bed for an elegant glass carafe and cup. This is also a must-have for guest rooms–make sure to add one to the bedside table before visitors arrive. Image via Kinfolk

Upgrade the Alarm Clock

bedside with alarm clock

Sure, you probably wake up to a chime you selected from a list of options on your smartphone. No one is suggesting your toss your phone, but try adding an lower tech, infinitely more sophisticaed option like a classic (non-digital) alarm clock. Waking up is more pleasant when you’re not watching the seconds tick down until your snooze time is over. Image from our project featured in New York Magazine

Make it Inspiring

inspiring bedside table

Your bedside table is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you look at before you go to sleep, so you should include things that inspire you. Whether it’s a gorgeous art book, a box full of treasure mementos, a framed quote or a beloved photo, highlight a few things that you love. Image via Style Curator

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