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How To Design Around A Statement Sofa

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Pink Patterned Sofa

There are so many reasons why buying a sofa in a neutral tone is a wise choice. They’re easy to design around and you probably won’t regret your purchase a week later. Statement sofas? They’re the opposite. However, there’s a certain thrill you get from a bold, patterned, or brightly-colored sofa that you can’t get from anything grey.

The challenge is designing your space so that the sofa stands out but doesn’t overpower the rest of your living room. But rest assured, it can be done. So if you’re fantasizing about a sofa that’s anything but safe, find out how to make it work.

Amplify the Color

overstuffed yellow sofa

This sunny yellow sofa seems all the more eye-popping against the pale green walls and black and white patterned rug. Image via Sköna hem

Make It a Focal Point

pink ikat sofa

When you go for a bold pattern, like this bright pink and orange ikat, try making it the star of the room by choosing more subdued shades for the walls. Image via Mad About the House

Repeat the Shade

turquoise midcentury sofa

The same bright turquoise of this mid-century sofa is echoed in the Navajo area rug, making a strong color statement against in the otherwise neutral room. Image via Apartment Therapy

Shake Up a Classic Style

red leather chesterfield sofa

The classic chesterfield sofa gets a racy reboot in lipstick-red leather. Paired with dark walls and a zebra-print area rug, the sofa makes for a sexy statement piece. Image via My Domaine

Balance a Bold Color

hot pink sofa

Decorating with pink can quickly cross the line into over-the-top girly territory, so try making it the only strong shade in the room. Image via House and Garden UK

Highlight a Piece of Art

green tufted sofa

Being too matchy-matchy is boring, but bringing out the striking shade of green from this painting intensifies the color in the best possible way. Image via House to Home UK

Go Wild with Patterns

pink houndstooth sofa

For the truly bold, forget about mixing subtle with bold. Instead, own your eclectic style with an unexpected combination of patterns, colors, and artwork. Image via My Domaine

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