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Design Elements For Bold Home Statement

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One of the keys to a successful and streamlined interior makeover is selecting and showcasing unique design elements within each room. This can be achieved a number of ways: a splash of color, a striking piece of furniture or simply a smart arrangement of the room’s components. Effective interior decorators often use well-placed art as a contrast to furniture and wall color.

Additionally, placement of furniture, artwork and found objects can make just as big of a statement as the object itself. Interior designers can visually steer the eye around the room with a thoughtful arrangement of chairs, tables, lamps and other design elements. Interior designers can also showcase a great find such as this rose-colored light fixture or this skull (not sure what kind it is?), establishing a centerpiece for your room in the process. Take your cues from the interior designer professionals and make a bold statement of your own with these interior design tips:

– Be bold, but don’t go overboard. Pick one or two statement-making pieces like an accent wall brightly patterned furniture.

– If the room you’re decorating gets a lot of natural light, a darker color scheme will compliment the room. If the space doesn’t get a lot of light, use brighter, more saturated hues of color.

– Put bold accessories or wall art in the spotlight by keeping everything else in the room white and black with just a hit of an accent color. Use a bold, brightly colored wallpaper to highlight small areas in a room, such as a breakfast nook, a kitchen pantry, or shelves in the cupboards. For a truly bold statement, try painting an accent wall black. This makes a dramatic, beautiful backdrop for a colorful painting or artwork and creates an interesting visual contrast.

If you’re working with an interior designer to decorate your home or work space, consider these home design tips:

– Be open to trying new things. Your designer may bring you a color sample or piece of furniture that you wouldn’t normally consider. In context, however, something that seems unusual may yield beautiful results.

– Allow yourself to be surprised. A fair amount of trust is necessary when working with your interior designer.

– Embrace versatility. Changing up the color scheme and design elements from room to room, while still maintaining a decorative adhesive as a whole, is an interior designer’s specialty. Have fun.

– Decorating your space shouldn’t be a stressful, arduous task. Connect with a designer who makes the experience a fun and enjoyable one. Interior designers are experts at showcasing the right elements in your space to make the kind of statement that you’re looking for. If you’re planning to hire an interior designer, just contact Decor Aid. Their friendly, affordable designers are ready and eager to help you make your design dreams a reality.

Colorful Sofa

bright yellow sofa crystal chandelier

The pop of color from this yellow sofa adds an element of whimsy to this otherwise sophisticated sitting room, creating a fun, lived-in space.

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