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How To Design a Hotel Bed at Home

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hotel-worthy bed canopy frame

More than room service and a stocked minibar, our favorite thing about staying in a hotel is the bed. With too many pillows and carefully selected sheet sets, what’s not to love? If you want to feel like you’re waking up in a hotel every morning, our senior designers have these tips to style a hotel-worthy bed.


hotel-worthy bed pillows

There isn’t really a maximum number of pillows that you can put on your bed. Want an extra half-dozen? Go for it! If the going gets rough, then just toss your extra pillows on the floor. But air on the safe side: this is the one place in your home where more is more.

Image via Elle Decor

Tufted Headboard

hotel-worthy bed tufted headboard

If you’re looking to style a hotel-worthy bed, then consider a tufted headboard. And if you like to wind down the day reading, or spend your Saturday watching television in bed, then a tufted headboard is perfect for sitting up in bed. Check out how we got the look in the chic, personalized Upper East Side luxury condo.

Canopy Bed Frame

hotel-worthy bed canopy frame

Or if you’re looking to give your bed a luxurious, king-like feel, consider swapping out your current bed frame for a canopy one. We placed a two-tone canopy bed frame from Dune in this penthouse overlooking Central Park West. Not only does it give the bed a loftier feel, but it also draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of higher ceilings. 

Neutral Shades

hotel-worthy bed neutrals

Your bedroom should have a soothing, serene and relaxing atmosphere. So don’t disturb your sleep with bright jarring colors or eye-catching patterns. More than any other room in the house, the bedroom is the place to use neutral colors. But don’t just stick to one shade or material. Mix and match neutrals, for a refined, layered look. 

Image via Dering Hall

Less Can Be More

hotel-worthy bed less is more

When styling a hotel-worthy bed, know that less is more, except when it comes to pillows. And if you want to let your minimalist streak run wild, there’s no better place than your bed. A white duvet, a single accent pillow and a wood frame will always look chic and classic. Check out how we got the look in this Montauk vacation home.


hotel-worthy bed lighting

If you like to wind down the day with a book or a magazine, then consider adding some lighting to your bed. Place a small task light next to your bed and a larger light for a base layer in the corner.

Image via Y Lighting

Swap Out Your Sheets

hotel-worthy bed sheets

When it comes to a hotel-worthy bed, keep at least two sets that you swap out seasonally. A lighter, more breathable set is perfect for the summer months, while a thicker, heat-retaining set is best for the winter. Check out the summer bedding that we added to this beach-y getaway on the Upper East Side.

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