Elle Decor Home Editor Taps For Interior Design Help I Décor Aid


Elle Decor Home Editor Taps For Interior Design Help

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Catherine alex

True or false? Only decorating novices need assistance from interior designers. Absolutely false.

Even interior design mavens need decorating help sometimes. Case in point: Catherine Davis, a veteran market editor at ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, and Veranda, came to Décor Aid for assistance in designing the kitchen, dining, and living room areas in her Brooklyn home. Though Catherine has impeccable taste, fabulous style, and an enviable collection of furniture and accessories, she was having trouble unifying all the design elements.

Décor Aid Master Designer Alex took Catherine on a shopping trip to start the hunt for key pieces that will tie her space together. If you’re shopping for your home without the help of an interior designer, it can be overwhelming, so here are some tips for making it a successful experience:

– First, decide on a room layout so that you know the sizes of the pieces you need.

– Start with the core pieces, like the dining table and area rugs.

– Keep an open mind and check out stores or websites where you don’t normally shop. You never know where your new favorite piece will come from, and interior designers can introduce you to shops and brands you never knew existed.

Living Room/Office Area Inspiration Board

living room inspiration board

Kitchen/Dining Area Inspiration Board

kitchen inspiration board

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