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How To Bring Feng Shui In Your Home

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feng shui shapes

Feng shui isn’t just a way of arranging your furniture. It’s an entire philosophy of creating balance in the home. Whether you’re going for an eclectic, traditional or transitional redesign, feng shui will surely bring some harmony to your life. Our senior designers have these tips for giving your home a bit of feng shui.


gend shui proportions

When most people think of feng shui, they think of an optimal furniture layout. And while layout is certainly an important part, feng shui starts with proportionate furniture pieces. In this Upper West Side family home, we started the redesign by sourcing two low-profile couches. We placed the larger couch against the longer wall, and placed the love seat in front of the adjacent window.


feng shui sofa

Once you’ve got proportionate furniture pieces, then it’s time to start planning your layout. With each room, place the largest pieces of furniture, and then work your way down to the smallest pieces. So for your living room, the first piece of furniture you should place is your sofa. Ideally, your sofa should go against the wall that’s furthest from the entryway. And don’t place your sofa right up against the wall. If you place it a few inches from the wall, it’ll make your space look a bit bigger. Check out how we did it in this San Francisco luxury condo.

Bed Placement

feng shui bed placement

The next step is to figure out the placement of your bed. Place your headboard against the wall that’s opposite the door. So when you’re sitting up in bed, you should be facing the door. And while it can be tempting to place your bed in a corner, center it against the wall. Check out how we did it in this beachy Upper East Side getaway

Feng Shui Flow

feng shui flow

Once you have your larger pieces laid out, then it’s time to start selecting and placing the smaller pieces. When placing your smaller furniture pieces, think about how you move through your home and arrange your furniture so that you aren’t disrupting any natural walkways. Notice the clear walkways in the common spaces of the chic, open-layout TriBeCa loft.

Pro tip: make sure that your seating isn’t too spread out. Your furniture layout should be conducive to conversation.


feng shui declutter

No matter how expensive your furniture is, no matter how well-designed your home is, it won’t look good if you’re got a bunch of clutter everywhere. There’s no real trick to decluttering. Just get rid of as much stuff as your can bear. Check out the difference that it made in this Hoboken home showing.

Variety of Shapes

feng shui shapes

Feng shui is all about balance, and that applies to every aspect of your home. But one balance that often goes overlooked is a balance of shape. So if you’ve got a square coffee table and a rectangular couch, then consider some design elements that have a bit of curve. In this TriBeCa investment property, we sourced two CFC Maurice Chairs from Candelabra, to balance the more angular elements of the home.

Finishing Touches

feng shui plants

Plants, flowers, and objects with natural motifs are great ways to put the finishing touches on a feng shui home. Check out the flow of natural objects between the foyer and dining room of this Westchester family home.

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