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The Fireplace & Summer Repurposing


palm frond wallpaper

Much like the glove compartment, long-standing spaces intended for one function have been repurposed to fit modern needs. And this summer, by the sweat on our collective design brow, your fireplace is getting a makeover. Whether that insular masonry actually smokes matters not, the below tips are perfect for a warm-weather repurposing under the mantelpiece.

Bookplace Case

white objects on fireplace mantel

Finally, a new place to cram those tangible texts. Sure, your Kindle is stocked and those physical books have been leafed through (studied even), but isn’t it heartless to throw away the stuff of Heathcliff and Hamlet? Enter: the Bookplace Case. Just make sure to shut your flue to avoid soggy pages.

Fireplace Book Storage

books in fireplace storage idea

Sculpture in Fireplace

books stacked in fireplace

Under-Mantel Gallery

sculpture in modern black hearth

Objects in Fireplace


Objects in Yellow Fireplace

eclectic objects in front of fireplace

The Disappearing Act

bright yellow fireplace mantel

Potted Plants in Fireplace

ornate carved white fireplace

Logs in Fireplace

plants inside minimalist white fireplace

Wine Rack in Fireplace

wood log storage inside fireplace

Wallpaper in Fireplace

wine rack in fireplace

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