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#FITOUTGRID: An Urban Oasis in your living room


Round marble coffee table

Remember our contribution to inviting lifestyle into interior design? If not, check out last weeks’ grid, which was compiled on the bedroom floor of our latest design project and included grooming products from Immunocologie and fashion accessories from Hermes, Ralph Lauren and Jaeger-Lecoultre.

To recap, “Decor Aid believes that lifestyle is all-encompassing of every element that comprises one’s life. Inspired by lifestyle images known as outfit grids, and to further demonstrate our beliefs (as if offering interior design services by the hour wasn’t enough!), we are bringing the #FITOUTGRID to life.”

We definitely understand style and trends, and we also get that your home (and your wardrobe) are not fully dependent on the season of the moment. Personal style, though constantly evolving, is, in a way, timeless and doesn’t need to conform to the fad of the moment. Rest assured that Decor Aid values all elements of daily life, not excluding pastimes and downtime. Layers of different materials create depth and intrigue. Mixing elements like marble with vintage leather and glass let the space function as an ensemble.

URBAN OASIS: Nestled away in Manhattan’s east side is our client’s pied-á-terre. This two-bedroom Midtown apartment is transformed into an urban oasis of cool greys accented with neutral tones and topped off with sophisticated brass touches. Layering soft textures with marble, walnut and antique mirror creates a modern yet intimate interior perfect for this budding family. The apartments’ open floor plan maximizes the small space, accommodating both relaxed family nights in and refined social entertaining.

We see more of our client’s personality in this Living Room edition of Urban Oasis #FITOUTGRID

From left to right: Crystal Formation American originated; Porcupine Quills from Africa; Candlesticks Bloomingdales; Book Gucci; Vase Achim Haigis for Rosenthal; Flask Vintage Mark Cross; Throw Blanket West Elm; Table DWR; Rug Ralph Lauren. Visit our portfolio for more photos of our Urban Oasis project. A new URBAN OASIS #FITOUTGRID will be posted next week from the dining room/bar cart, so stay tuned.

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