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How to Style Your Foyer

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gold wall foyer Design

Think of your foyer as the introduction to your home. Whether you’re going for a mid-century or a bohemian-chic look, your foyer sets the tone for how your guests will experience the space you’ve created for yourself. And this is the last area of the home that you want to leave unadorned. So if you’re looking for a bit of foyer inspiration, then follow our guide.

Take a Seat

foyer entryway blue settee

If your household has a no-shoes policy, then consider adding a bench, or even a small couch to your foyer. Hopefully your guests will get the hint and leave their shoes by the front door. The chalky blue settee in this New Canaan makeover is perfectly on trend for this year, and is a slim addition to this light-filled entry.

Add an Accent Wall

accent wall foyer

If your foyer leads into an open-layout space, then you want to find ways to demarcate your foyer from the rest of your home. An accent wall, or some tasteful wallpaper, is a great way to do this. It’ll welcome your guests with a bit of style, and can signal towards the rest of your design scheme. Check out the accent wall that we added to this personalized luxury condo on the Upper East Side.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

mirror foyer entryway

Before you head out the door in the mornings, give yourself one last look in the mirror. And if you’re looking to upgrade your entryway, a full-length mirror can work wonders, like in this mid-century palace on the Upper East Side. It’ll give your foyer a decorative touch, and hopefully you’ll notice that mustard stain before you head to the office.

Wall Art

mirror foyer wall art

A couple of well-curated art pieces can set the tone for your art-filled abode. So if you want to incorporate art pieces throughout the home, there’s no better place to start than the foyer. We designed this Upper West Side apartment to match the client’s existing artwork, and for the foyer, we selected a bold collection of black-and-white woodblock prints.


geometric table objects

We love placing geometric table objects throughout the home. It’s an easy way to create a design scheme that incorporates a wide variety of shapes, and can help you establish a compelling neutral palette. In the entryway of this Westchester family home, we incorporated several geometric table objects, and an octagonal mirror, to differentiate this space from the more traditional elements found throughout the home.

Add an Area Rug

area rug foyer entryway

An area rug in the foyer has to put up with plenty of wear and tear, so consider an indoor-outdoor option, or go for a high pile rug, like we did in this modern Connecticut home redesign. It’s a welcoming touch that gives this entryway a plush, comfortable feel.

Double Duty

storage in foyer

And an entryway doesn’t just have to be decorative. In the foyer of this rustic modern Hoboken apartment, we installed a large cabinet, for extra storage space. But we topped off the storage with a home bar, making guests feel welcome, as soon as they walk in the door.

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