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Tip of the Week: Make It Brighter with Glass Assests

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When we’re tasked with making a space feel larger, brighter and more open, we reach deep into our designer magic bag of tricks and find a way to bring a little glass into the space — preferably in the form of a glass table. We’re certainly not alone in our love of glass. Modern architects have long understood and experimented with the power of glass to transform a space. Philip Johnson’s Glass House feels much larger than its 1,700 square feet, thanks, in large part, to what Johnson deemed “the most expensive wallpaper” — the transparent glass walls that allowed the views of natural landscape to be part of the space. That power of transparency works just as well inside the home as it does in the exterior. Whether we’re decorating a Connecticut dining room or a New Jersey living room (pictured above), we find that the addition of a little glass can make a big impact.

Our designers explain “A glass table takes up less visible space and reflects light throughout the room making the entire space feel larger.” We find it pretty amazing that one little table can do all that!

Philip Johnson’s Glass House

glass and steel modern architecture house

Philip Johnson’s Glass House is the epitome of the power of transparency. Image via Architectural Digest

Glass Desk

contemporary glass chrome desk

Gold Glass Side Table

gold brass glass side table

Glass Side Table

glass table top side table arm chair

Glass Coffee Table

urban apartment custom shelving décor

Origami Coffee Table

geometric origami metal and glass coffee table

Glass Dining Table

fresh contemporary kitchen remodel red chairs

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