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Decor Aid Holiday Gift Guide: For Bookworms


zadie smith

With the winter holidays right around the corner, we’re carefully putting together lists of gifts for every person in your life. We all have book-lovers on our lists, and we know how particular they can be about the books we pick out for them. If you’re having trouble shopping for a particular book worm, check out our holiday gift guide.

Rhys Mid-Century Recliner

rhy mid century recliner west elm

Every true book worm has a favorite reading chair, and every lackluster reader claims to not read enough because they don’t have the proper chair. A new reading chair can make a great gift for your book lover. We personally like this Rhys Mid-Century Recliner from West Elm. It’s sleek enough for any modern living room, and also reclines, for long-lasting comfort.

The Rhys Mid-Century Recliner is available from West Elm, and retails for $699.

Banned Books Matchbox Set

banned books matchbox set

Some of the books that we now consider to be classics—Tom Sawyer, Fahrenheit 451, Slaughterhouse-Five—were at one point banned because of their content. This set of matchboxes celebrates five books that were once banned, and have now entered the cannon of American literature.

The Banned Books Match Set is available from Out of Print Clothing, and retails for $8.

Zadie Smith’s Swing Time

zadie smith swing time

Zadie Smith is one of the few contemporary novelists that is almost universally acclaimed among every conceivable demographic. Her newest novel, Swing Time, was released in November, and follows the lives of two young dancers living in North London. It’s a gift that any book lover will treasure for years to come.

Zadie Smith’s Swing Time is available through Amazon, and retails for $16.

The Flatiron-Wrought Steel Asymmetrical Shelving Unit

flatiron wrought steel asymmetrical shelving unit

Any real book lover has more books than they know what to do with. Instead of opting for the standard Ikea bookshelf, gift your book lover this asymmetrical shelf from ABC Home.

The Flatiron-Wrought Steel Asymmetrical Shelving Unit is available from ABC Home, and retails for $1,295.

First Edition Books

abe books first edition booksellers

If you know that your book lover in question has a novel that they particularly love, consider gifting them a first edition of their favorite classic. It doesn’t have to be the rarest signed copy of Catcher in the Rye, but a rare book will make a thoughtful impression.

While there are several online sites that sell first-edition books, we would recommend checking out Abe Books.

A New Reading Lamp

reading lamp TKTK

Every reader needs a good lamp to read by. It should be a bit wider than a traditional task light, and a little less brighter. We personally like the Slimline Table Lamp, which we placed in our Pied-A-Terra apartment redesign.

The Slimline Table Lamp can be purchased from Restoration Hardware, and retails for $229.

Subscription to the Paris Review

paris review

As one of America’s most esteemed literary magazines, an annual subscription to the Paris Review is the gift that will keep on giving. With short-fiction, nonfiction essays, and contemporary poetry, in addition to interviews with contemporary literature’s greatest minds, this quarterly magazine makes a wonderful holiday gift.

Annual subscriptions can be purchased through the Paris Review, and start at $49.

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