Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Fabulous Last minute Gifts I Décor Aid


Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Fabulous Last minute Gifts


Umbria collimartani olive oil

Christmas is a few days away, which means that your window to take advantage of expedited shipping is slowly closing. Planning in advance is always ideal, but sometimes life gets in the way of that being an option. If you find yourself on the way to a holiday party and you need to pick up a quick gift, then check out our guide to last-minute gifts you can pick up on the go.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper

hario ceramic coffee dripper

Most big-box home goods stores will have at least one decent pour-over coffee dripper. If you find yourself in a pinch, swing by Williams-Sonoma or Bed Bath & Beyond, and grab one of these ceramic Hario Pour-Over Coffee Makers. It’s a well-designed and easy-to-use gift that will always brew a superior cup of coffee.

The Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper is available at Williams-Sonoma, and retails for $25.

Google Chromecast Audio

google chromecast audio

If you’re doing some last minute shopping for the audiophile in your life, consider gifting them Google’s new Chromecast Audio device. It plugs into any set of speakers, and wirelessly connects to any computer, tablet, or smartphone device.

Google’s Chromecast Audio is on sale for $25 until Christmas Eve, and can be picked up from any Best Buy.

Woodford Reserve Bourbon

woodford reserve bourbon

As the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby, Woodford Reserve is a great last-minute gift. Common enough to be picked up at almost any liquor store, but without an astronomical price-tag, it’s a bourbon that enthusiasts and novices alike will appreciate.

Woodford Reserve is available at any half-way decent liquor store, and will set you back about $40.

Image via Brown Forman.

Umbria Collimartani Extra Virgin Olive Oil

umbria collimartani extra virgin olive oil

If you’re on your way to a dinner party and want to pick up a last minute gift for the foodie in your life, then consider gifting them a bottle of olive oil. Go for a single-origin extra virgin oil from Whole Foods or any other specialty food store. If you can get your hands on it, we particularly like this Umbria Collimartani Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Umbria Collimartani Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be purchased from Eataly and other specialty food stores, and retails for $34.

David Salle’s How To See

david salle how to see

If you’re going to be gifting someone a book, go for something big and visual that they can display on their coffee table. David Salle’s new book, “How To See” is a great present for anyone, no matter their level of art historical knowledge, and can be picked up at a Barnes and Noble, or any general book store.

David Salle’s “How To See” can be picked up at your local Barnes and Noble, and retails for $26.

Image via Cool Hunting

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