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Tips to Curate A Museum-Worthy Home Art Collection

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If your ideal weekend involves hopping around galleries and museums, then you might be tempted to give your own white walls a bit of art. And you don’t need blue-chip originals to curate a spectacular home gallery. Our senior designers have these tips for curating your home art collection.

Matching Frames

home art matching frames

Why settle for a single piece of art when you could create a gallery wall? Pick a series of black and white photographs, or a colorful collection of prints. But to keep your space looking cohesive, hang all of your pieces with the same style of frame.

Image via Elle Decor

Stick with a Theme

home art theme

If you’re hesitant about selecting art pieces for your home, then consider going with a single artist or style throughout your space. We placed abstract, primary-colored pieces in this Westchester family home, for a colorful accent that bridges the modern and familial elements of the space.

Match Your Existing Accent Pieces

home art existing pieces

Finding the right art is about more than just finding a piece that speaks to you. An art collection should compliment and enhance the existing elements and colors in your room. Abstract art is great for more modern spaces, while representational pieces are great for more traditional and transitional redesigns. Check out how the pillows in this San Francisco luxury condo match the abstract art piece hanging behind the couch.

Off the Wall

home art off the wall

While paintings, prints and photographs are certainly the most commonplace pieces of art to hang up in the home, consider ways to get your art collection off the wall. Hanging mobiles are a popular options, but we’re also fond of sculptural objects. Check out how we placed a red alligator in the living room of this stunning townhouse. Not only does it give the room a dose of rich color, but it also creates a division between the cocktail nook and the dining room.

On the Floor

home art on the floor

Just because you can frame it doesn’t mean you have to hang it. While a gallery wall or a well-placed piece of artwork will always look great, consider stacking art up on the floor or on a table. Stack framed pieces up against each-other, or let it shine in a single-file line.

Image via Architectural Digest

Art Books

art collection art books

If a trip to Christie’s isn’t in the cards, then consider other ways to get your favorite blue chip artists into your homes. We love art books. Not only do they make for great coffee table books, but they also give you a chance to show off everything you learned from that art history class you took in college.

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