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Personalized Home Decorating Ideas

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The best home decorating ideas are the ones that allow you to say something about yourself through the design of your space. From tile color to closet space, light fixtures to faucets, every choice you make is an opportunity to express yourself. Be sure to fill your home with items you love and that reflect your personality. Saving some items for a later date and rotating focus pieces can help freshen up any home with minimal purchases. Consider different color palates for each season in order to create variety and visual interesting.


Bedroom decorating tips include adding a few fun throw pillows in your favorite colors or texture to your bed. You can hang a decorative quilt on the wall behind your bed; it’s cheaper than wallpaper, and it can be changed whenever you feel like it. Try keeping your color palate neutral with one eye-popping item such as a colorful or patterned bed comforter. Your bedroom is the most personal room in your house, so you can really let your creativity shine. Consider mounting some interesting lights by your bed or adding floor-to ceiling curtains to our windows.


Use chalkboard contact paper in various shapes and sizes as memo pads in your office or kitchen. Assigning areas with function can make even the smallest spaces feel warm and inviting, such as a home office or living room. For a quick and beautiful accent of color, place vases with colorful flowers around the room. Use decorative wall mirrors to make small spaces appear larger. Choose an interesting table lamp that’s functional when it’s on and a lovely piece of art when it’s off.

To divide a larger room in half or to offer privacy, consider installing a ceiling-mounted pull-down curtain or shade as a room divider. Line bookshelf interior walls with colorful contact paper in complementary colors to add a surprise pop of color. Style needn’t be sacrificed for comfort and vice versa. Choose pieces that are as beautiful as they are functional. Use tall bookcases to pull double duty as room dividers and storage space.

Chandeliers can be statement pieces that bring elegance and sophistication to any room. Instead of a couch in your living room, consider using 3-4 stuffed chairs instead. This layout is conducive to conversation and socializing. To make it extra interesting, use different chairs in matching colors or textiles.

Glass is both beautiful and functional. Add glass pieces to your space such as glass jars in your kitchen for storing ingredients, glass tabletops in the living room, and crystal decanters next to wine glasses in the dining room. Remember, your home is your sanctuary and a place that you should feel comfortable and relaxed in.


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