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Home Decorating From Start To Finish

Interior Design Guide

modern living room makeover

Whether you’re moving in and starting with an empty room or looking to refresh your existing home decor, taking on a new decorating project can feel daunting. There are more interior design styles, home decor companies, and decorating ideas than ever, which can be both a benefit and a challenge. Decor Aid’s interior designers are pros at getting projects started on the right foot, so take their tips into mind as you prepare to get started on your room decor.

Tip: Set the Scope of the Project

It’s important to figure out what rooms you’ll be decorating to keep your home interior planning focused. Are you doing an entire home interior design or just one or two rooms? Consider your time frame, if renovations will be required, and what your budget will allow.

Tip: How To Find Decorating Ideas

Ease into the interior decorating process by looking for inspiration and figuring out what you like design-wise. Browse Pinterest, design blogs, Instagram, and decorating magazines to find home decorating ideas. Look for different elements that you might want to incorporate and don’t worry about only looking at comparative spaces: even an image of the foyer of a grand mansion can contain room ideas that can be translated into a small city apartment bedroom.

Clip images or save them to a Pinterest board to keep a record of what you find and like. If you opt to work with an interior designer, having a collection of images that represent your style will make their job easier.

Tip: Setting a Budget

Once you’re thoroughly inspired, it’s time to take an analytical approach to your project and set a budget. Figure out what you’re able to invest and consider your room design priorities. Perhaps your existing sofa could be freshened up with a cover, but storage or a new wall treatment is a necessity. Make sure your budget is realistic and reflects not only what you can spend, but also what you want to spend.

Not sure how much to budget? An interior designer is well versed in the costs of decorating, from furnishings to craftsmen to the unexpected costs that can pop up, and can look at your needs to help you create a budget and a decorating plan.

Tip: Select a Designer

Take the uncertainty out of your interior design project by hiring a home decorator. A knowledgeable designer can help make your interior design affordable, keep the project on track, and source quality furnishings and home decorations that fit your lifestyle and taste. It’s easier than ever to find and hire an interior designer, and doing so will help you save money and avoid costly mistakes.

Designers are up-to-date on all the latest decorating trends and interior design ideas. Your interior designer is your partner in the project and they’re committed to making a home that fits your style

Decor Aid’s Interior Designers

A home decorating project is an investment of both time and money, but Decor Aid’s team of highly trained interior designers can help you use both wisely. Decor Aid is a different kind of design company: they use technology to make the decorating process easier and more transparent. The home decorators have years of training and experience and can assist with any size project, whether you’re moving into a new home and starting from scratch or just need to update an existing room design.

Let Decor Aid’s interior designers help you with everything from choosing paint colors, to arranging and hanging art, to furniture shopping, to finding and managing painters or contractors. Decor Aid can execute your room decor ideas and make your dream home a reality.

Greenwich Open Kitchen

Modern Open Kitchen Wood Walls

This graphic kitchen and dining area is a functional, family-friendly space that fits the client’s lifestyle.

Hamptons Home Office

reclaimed wood walls sitting room design

For this project, Decor Aid transformed the attic of a country house into a chic home office.

Manhattan Pied-a-Terre

open dining room leather chairs

Decor Aid’s interior designers sourced items from auctions and consignment stores for this well-curated pied-à-terre.

Modern Co-Op

affordable urban apartment decoration tips

This sophisticated co-op apartment designed by Decor Aid shows that sticking to a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

Bathroom Renovation

white marble bathroom chevron tile

Decor Aid’s team of home decorators gave this drab and dated NYC apartment bathroom a fresh and stylish new look.

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