Seven Great Home Office Desks Ideas


Milo baughman floating desk

Most of us don’t get to have a say in how our offices are run, organized, and designed. But if you find yourself working from home now and again, then hopefully you have some input in how you decorate your office away from the office. Whether you’re trying to write the next great American novel, or just create a functioning workspace, a new desk is a great way to boost productivity around the home. If increased productivity happens to be at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions, then check out some of the desks that our in-house designers are currently loving.

Truss Desk from Uhuru Designs

truss desk uhuru designs

When sourcing the furniture for your home office, try and select pieces that are cohesive with the rest of your home furnishings. If you’re designing an urban, loft-like space that also serves as a home office, then consider the Truss Desk from Uhuru Designs. Handcrafted with reclaimed materials, this desk features an oxidized ambrosia maple top, and a blackened steel base, making it a handsome addition to any chic, urban home office.

The Truss Desk from Uhuru Designs is custom-built to order.

The 7032-74 Desk from Nancy Corzine

nancy corzine 7032 74 avenue desk

With a semi-circle top and six drawers, the 7032-74 Avenue Desk from Nancy Corzine is downright presidential. While other finishes are available, our designers prefer this desk in the teak finish with antique gold accents.

The 7032-74 Avenue Desk is available through Nancy Corzine.

The Floating Top Desk from Milo Baughman

floating top desk milo baughman

A highly modern and conceptual piece, the Floating Top Desk from Milo Baughman is a classic desk for any mid-century home office. With two separate surfaces for working, this desk also functions as a wonderful selection for all you multitaskers.

The Floating Top Desk from Milo Baughman is available from 1st Dibs, and retails for $5,650

J.M.F Inspired Desk in Oak & Leather by Atelier Violett

jmf desk atelier violett

Just because you’re working doesn’t mean that you can’t have a luxurious piece of furniture to help you get the job done. The desktop of this J.M.F Inspired Desk in Oak & Leather by Atelier Violett is crafted with a single piece of tanned leather, for an exquisite working surface.

The J.M.F Inspired Desk in Oak & Leather is available from Atelier Violett.

The Xie Writing Desk from Hellman Chang

xie writing desk hellman chang

Home offices are often repurposed spare rooms that can’t accommodate huge pieces of furniture. If you’re looking for a sleek, chic, and low-profile desk, consider the Xie Writing Desk from Hellman Chang. It’s a smaller option that in no way sacrifices style.

Image via New York Spaces.

The Thoreau Rustic Lodge Desk from Kathy Kuo

thoreau rustic lodge desk kathy kuo

A large furniture piece, such as a desk, is a great way to pull together competing styles in the home. If you’re trying to balance rustic pieces with a modern aesthetic, then consider the Thoreau Rustic Lodge Desk from Kathy Kuo. Crafted with reclaimed wood, but shaped like a traditional mid-century desk, this handsome piece will give your home office the best of both worlds.

The Thoreau Rustic Lodge Reclaimed Oak Brass 5 Drawer Desk is available from Kathy Kuo Home, and retails for $2000.

The Popova Desk from Scala Luxury

popova desk scala luxury

The Popova Desk from Scala Luxury is by far our largest, and boldest selection. With a brush-polished stainless steel top and a geometric base, this conceptual desk is the perfect addition to any highly modern home.

The Popova Desk is available from Twentieth.

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