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Turn Your Bathroon into A Home Spa

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at-home spa neutral colors

Your home should be a place where you can relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. And if you don’t have the time to hit the sauna on a weekly basis, then you might want to treat yourself with an at-home spa treatment. Pour out some epsom salt. Our senior designers have these tips for turning your bathroominto an at-home spa.

Marble Accents

at-home spa marble

Marble works well in almost any room of the house. But nothing beats marble in the bathroom. In this mid-century home on the Upper East Side, we covered the walls and floors in Carrara marble, for a luxurious and spa-like feel. 


at-home spa eucalyptus

You should have plants in every room of the house. And if you want to create a personal, at-home spa, then you should definitely have them in the bathroom as well. Eucalyptus is a mildly fragrant plant with healing properties that get released with steam, making it perfect for your bathroom.


at-home spa storage

A spa is a place for simplicity and relaxing, not clutter. So make sure that your bathroom has plenty of storage space for towels, toiletries and epsom salt.


at-home spa bath caddy

If your idea of a good time involves a glass of wine and a book, then consider a bamboo bath caddy. We’re particularly fond of this expandable one from Toilet Tree. With a bookstand and a drink coaster, it’s perfect for tubs of any size.

Image via Toilet Tree

Neutral Colors

at-home spa neutral colors

If you’re trying to create a spa-like environment in your bathroom, then start by painting your walls a soothing, neutral color. Bright, jarring colors and patterns have no place in your bathroom. A light grey or a semi-gloss white is the perfect color to set the tone for your relaxing home spa.

Side Table Stool

at-home spa side table stool

Wood stools are wonderful multi-functional pieces. And they work as well in the bathroom as they do any other area of the home. Whether you need a place to kick off your shoes, or if you’re looking to set down a bag of epsom salt, a wood side table is perfect for the bathroom.

Image via Pinterest

Wood Bathmat

at-home spa wood bathmat

The more wood that you have in your bathroom, the better. And if your fabric bathmat could use a refresh, then consider a wood option. It’ll stay dry and last much longer than a fabric option. We’re particularly fond of the Lateral Teak Bath Mat from CB2.

Image via CB2


at-home spa chandelier

Turning your bathroom into a personal spa is all about finding ways to add luxurious and personalized accents. A glass chandelier, like the one that we placed in this Miami Beach luxury condo,  is a perfect way to give your bathroom a chic and luxurious touch.


at-home spa dimmers

If you’re trying to give yourself an at-home spa treatment, then it might be difficult to relax with your lights turned all the way up. Install dimmers in your bathroom, and you’ll be able to put yourself into spa mode at a moment’s notice. 

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