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How To Clean A Gallery Wall

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Gallery walls make a strong visual statement and they’re a great way to highlight a collection of paintings, fine art photography, and snapshots of your friends and family. So what’s not to like about a gallery wall? Just one thing: Cleaning them.

Keeping frames clean isn’t as easy as just spraying your gallery wall with some window cleaner and running a paper towel over them. In fact, that’s just about the worst thing you can do, Jan Dougherty, author of The Lost Art of House Cleaning, told us. “Never clean a picture when it’s hanging on the wall,” Jan says. “The cleaner can get under the glass and into the mat.”

Instead, she recommends taking each frame off the wall and laying them on a flat surface before cleaning the glass with a spray bottle of undiluted white vinegar. Jan recommends cleaning all your frames like this once a year, and just dusting the frames the rest of the time.

Pictured above: Gallery wall from our duplex apartment redesign.

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