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Tip of the Week: How To Hang Drapery

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sheer linen curtains

Choosing drapes can be a stressful prospect. It’s not quite as fun as picking out other design details, and there are a lot of particulars to consider when you’re deciding how exactly to hang the drapery. But our designers keeps it simple and advise to “hang your drapery high and wide.” They advocate going as high as you can. You don’t necessarily have to go all the way to the ceiling, but aim to be at least halfway there (or even a little higher, if you dare). This will not only make your windows feel larger, but will also make the entire room appear bigger.

But at all costs, you want to avoid the too-short curtain look. Even if everything else looks spectacular, a too short curtain will bring down the vibe of the entire room. You want to be sure that your drapery are long enough to at least kiss the floor, but if you want to go even further, order extra long drapes to create a romantic puddle on the floor. Need some visuals? See below for some great examples of how to hang your drapery.

White Linen Drapery

white linen drapery bergere chair

Even simple white linen drapes can make a huge statement when hung correctly. Via Domino Magazine

Tie Back Drapery

curtain tie backs chaise lounge french doors

The long pleats make the ceiling in this room feel grand, and the elegant tiebacks add a sophisticated touch. Via Lonny

Bright Yellow Drapes

yellow drapes pop of color

A Pop of Color. When you chose your draperies, don’t forgot that you have the opportunity to make a colorful impact. (Note the these draperies are hung much higher than the window. Fantastic!) Via Refinery29

White Drapery

white curtain neutral room

Let Your Drapery Puddle. A great example of how fantastic drapery can look when you let them form a luxurious puddle on the floor. Via Restoration Hardware

Sheer Linen Drapery

sheer linen drapery

If you don’t need to worry about blocking out light, sheer linen drapery can be a great choice for privacy that still lets in a good amount of light.

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