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Make A Statement With Large Wall Art

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We love a good gallery wall, but there are times one large-scale piece of art makes the biggest impact. According to our designers, large artwork can make the kind of grand statement that is difficult to replicate with lots of little pieces. Check out some of our favorite rooms for inspiration, plus tips on how to pull it all together.

Map Wall Art

map wall decal living room

Large art doesn’t have to equal a huge color investment. The home owner discovered this vintage map and then had it enlarged online by Surface View. We sourced a few other companies that will help you do the same. Via House & Garden U.K.

Modern Photography

oversized black and white photograph

This large photograph by Walead Beshty in the star in the living room of London art dealer Robin Katz’s sitting room. Even though it’s black and white, it packs a pretty amazing textural punch. Via House & Garden U.K.

Abstract Art

oversized abstract art

The giant abstract ink art in this New England cabin provides a modern juxtaposition to the rustic pine walls. Via Lonny

Oversized Art in the Bedroom

green bedroom paint canopy bed

Consider using the color from your artwork as a color inspiration for the room. The green in this London bedroom is the perfect backdrop for the artwork while the bedding brings out other tonal colors. Via House & Garden U.K.

Dining Room Wall Art

dining room wall art

Even though this piece is technically three pieces, it functions as a single unit, but the white space gives the eye a visual rest. The painting on these rough boards are flowers inspired by details in Botticelli’s Primavera — filing this one away for a DIY! Via House & Garden U.K.

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