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Incorporate NYC Interior Decorators Aesthetic In Home


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As interior designers, NYC can be a challenging place to do business. Why is that? Because we have everything in NYC – except space!

High quality interior design always showcases great style and maximizes space. Material selection and placement is key in every space –but sometimes the smallest spaces yield the greatest design rewards. Work with a neutral palette and play with scale to create visual interest. Don’t forget to layer– different textures bring out warmth. For a sleek and sophisticated look, metal touches are timeless and can enhance any space. Play with patterns to inject personality into an elegant design. Add art and accessories to further personalize your space.

New York City is an interior designer’s dream. There’s a constant stream of sights, sounds, architecture, and composition that provides continuous inspiration in the city that never sleeps. Interior designers in NYC are especially adept at converting and maximizing small spaces.

If you live in NYC or a large urban city, there are several ways that you can incorporate New York’s interior design aesthetic into your own home, especially if you’re working with limited space:

– Change dark walls and ceiling to a lighter, more neutral color, like vanilla or light grey. Doing this immediately opens up the space and gives it a lighter feel.

– Consider putting a table lamp on your kitchen counter. Not only is this an opportunity to implement an interesting accessory, it also makes full use of the space – something that’s critical in small apartments.

– In your living room, use small end tables instead of a larger coffee table. This frees up space and it also allows you to move the tables around, making the area less cramped.

– Make as much storage space as you can. Spaces like underneath your bed and closet walls can be utilized. Keep baskets under your bed to store miscellaneous items, and add shelves to closet walls for more clothing organization.

– Invest in items that serve multiple purposes, like a banquette that can be turned into a guest bed, or bookcases that can double as room dividers.

If you’re specifically looking for ways to decorate a small apartment, consider these ideas from Manhattan interior designers:

– Work from the top down by placing an eye-catching color or fixture near the ceiling, which draws the eyes upward and increases the visual height of a room.

– For small apartment living rooms, opt to have a few pieces of large furniture instead of many smaller furniture items. Too many small items make the room look cluttered.

– For a studio apartment, create a loft by elevating the bed. Doing so will maximize the floor space and clearly separate the living and sleeping areas.

– Make small rooms feel warm and cozy by using rich, mid-toned or jewel colors on the walls, and make sure to avoid wall-to wall carpeting for a more streamlined look.

You don’t have to live in NYC or even work with a NYC interior designer to get the most out of your living space. Keeping these tips in mind will maximize your space and give your design inspiration a boost. No matter where you live – From LA to NYC to Florida – Decor Aid has an interior designer that will work with you and help you to transform your living and working space. Contact us today to get started.

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