Interview With Top Interior Designer, Lori Touchton I Décor Aid


Interview With Top Interior Designer, Lori Touchton


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Décor Aid is thrilled to welcome senior designer Lori Touchton. Like all our designers, Lori brings a wealth of experience from her time at top-tier firms. Before joining the full-time, in-house team at our New York office, Lori was a designer at firms like Victoria Hagan Interiors, David Kleinberg Design Associates, and Robin Baron Design.

Get to know Lori a little better.

What drew you to Décor Aid?

The ability to control my own projects creatively, and being able to sell my own design ideas, was highly attractive. I also wanted to bring my design abilities back down to earth and be able to help guide those that are really in need of a creative eye. Décor Aid gives my design more of a purpose.

What made you want to be a designer?

I feel like I’ve always seen spaces and envisioned what I could do with them. My mom was a major influence. She never stopped working when I was born, so the weekends were her time to work on our house. My mom was always bringing me to paint and wallpaper stores and furniture shops, and she has great taste, so I think just following her around got me interested in design at a young age. When I was old enough to do things myself, I would change my room around constantly. Luckily my parents aren’t very strict and they let me be creative–as long as it stayed in my room!

Do you have a favorite design style or era?

Not sure that I have one in particular, but I’m often attracted to more Greek and Roman classical styles of architecture. I find the scale, symmetry, and proportion very thoughtful and beautiful. In terms of furniture, I have great respect for items that were just simply made well and defy design periods. A table by Jean Michel Frank looked as good in the 1930s as it does today.

Is there a specific piece that you’d love to have in your home one day?

That’s hard to pin down, but I’d really love any original piece by Jacques Adnet or Jean Michel Frank.  Doesn’t matter what, just having an original piece would be a personal triumph in itself.

How does living in New York influence your designs?

New York has an incredible history.  You can see the layers of time just in the city’s architecture, which is what makes it most attractive.  The same can be said for what I try to achieve with my designs. I like to make sure there’s layers of interest and not all one style. I don’t enjoy spaces that feel too “period” or like you’ve stepped into a showroom, and New York is the epitome of interest and diversity.

What’s one quick thing that everyone can do to make their home a little more beautiful?

Window treatments. They don’t have to be typical curtains or roman shades, but dress your windows properly. I feel like that addition always makes a space feel complete.

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