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Interview with Dockatot Founder, Lisa Furuland


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Take a design-minded mom with a baby that needs sleep, and you’re sure to get some creative solutions. In the case of Lisa Furuland, it resulted in DockATot, a soft, snug “dock” for babies and toddlers to sleep, play, and snuggle. If you’re wondering about the name, it’s because Lisa and her family live in a small seaside town in Sweden where docks are considered safe harbors, so she wanted the docks she designed to serve a similar purpose for other parents and their kids.

We chatted with Lisa to learn more about how she created DockATot, and to find out some of her other must-have products for new parents.

You’ve said that when your son Ilias was born, you tried unsuccessfully to find an alternative to the blanket, cot and baby lounger. What kind of functionality were you looking for that those products lacked?

I was looking for a multifunctional sleeping aid product that would fit a child snugly and safely whilst comforting them. Something that essentially mimicked the womb. We were (and sometimes still are!) a co-sleeping family. I wanted something that would enable us to comfortably and safely co-sleep with our children. I also wanted this product to multitask, so we could use it any time and in any room of the house.

How did you develop the design of the DockATot?

I took all of the functionality aspects I mentioned above and paired them with exceptional materials sourced from a top supplier.

Did you test out design prototypes with your kids?

Yes and they loved it–that’s how I knew I was onto something!

What’s your favorite DockATot fabric pattern?

I love Dream Weaver–it’s gender neutral yet still incredibly chic.

It looks like you have a lot of celebrity fans! How does it feel to have designed a product that has earned so much praise?

It feels incredibly rewarding to say the least. My mission has always been to help parents—whether it be celebrities, or any other parents who is looking for the best for their families. Sleep is such an essential in our lives and it’s crucial for our health to get enough rest. My goal with DockATot is to help make great sleep a reality, even for newborns.

In addition to DockATot, do you have any must-have product suggestions for new parents?

Ergobaby carriers, Covered Goods nursing covers, Finn & Emma muslin blankets and wooden teethers, the Original Baby Cards by Milestone, UPPABaby strollers, and Freshly Picked moccasins.

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