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Designer Obsession: Colorful Juju Hats


White juju hat

Juju hats have become a designer favorite over the past few years. They’re part of the growing trend toward textural wall art–and these colorful African headdresses are most certainly works of art. They were initially created to be worn during ceremonial events by prominent members of the Bamileke tribes of Tikar and Babanki tribes from Cameroon in West Africa. These days, they are handmade by villagers throughout rural Cameroon. Each one takes two to three days to complete and can only be made during the dry months of the year so that the grass and feathers (natural or dyed) can dry completely before they are woven together.

The most difficult part about a Juju hat is deciding on a color–there are tons of gorgeous possibilities. Before you get overwhelmed with options, decide whether you want to complement your home’s palette or contrast with big pop of color. (Have to have one? You can find them online from sites like Safari Fusion and Etsy.) For more inspiration, check out some of our favorite rooms decorated with juju hats.

Yellow Juju Hat

pop of color yellow wall art

This yellow Juju hat provides a bold pop of color to an otherwise subtly decorated room. Via Style at Home

Neon Juju Hat

pink juju hat wall art

Pale Pink Juju

white chunky throw blanket

Juju Hat Wall

green living room paint

Orange Juju Hat

tan sofa bedroom décor

White Juju Hat

eclectic bedroom ideas

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