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5 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs Open Shelving

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Kitchen with glass jars

When it comes to open shelving in the kitchen,  people usually have one of two reactions:

“Great! I can finally show off my dishware!”


“Noo! Where am I gonna hide everything?”

You don’t need to completely abolish cabinets from your kitchen; after all, some things are best kept out of sight (ahem, drain cleaner and trash bags). But open shelving isn’t a fad that just looks good on Pinterest but doesn’t work in real life. Integrating some open shelving into your kitchen design can be a great way to maximize storage, display collections, and, yes, get organized. Find out how open shelving can transform your kitchen.

Glass Jars Open Shelving Kitchen

glass jars open shelving kitchen

1. Create a custom shelving solution

Open shelving allows you to make the most of your kitchen, which is especially important when you don’t have much to begin with. So, you can get creative with the length of shelves and the space in between them to design a configuration that best fits your items and space. Image via Remodelista.

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