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Tip Of The Week: Layer Your Lighting

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While people tend to focus on physical objects when thinking about decorating their homes, one of the most important aspects of any interior design scheme is intangible: light. Furniture and art can add comfort and personality to a space, but intelligently-placed lighting can be transformative, able to set a mood, create depth, and subdivide a space.

“When you are decorating any room,” our designers note, “layer your lighting.” Think overall ceiling lighting, then architectural lighting (under kitchen cabinets and over artwork), then table and floor lamps depending on what the room needs. Akin to putting a pair of 3D glasses over your interior design, the addition of an intentional lighting plan will add new dimensions to your space, opening up a world of possibility.

Need some help picking out the best lighting for your space? Take a look at some of our favorite lighting designers.

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