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Lessons In Luxury From Ion Hotel Iceland


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Although it’s only a five hour flight from New York, when you step off the plane in Iceland, you feel like you’ve entered an entirely new world. The country is both geologically young and active, which has created a spectacular natural setting. Located in close to Thingvellir National Park, a Unesco World Heritage site, the Ion Hotel sits amid mountains, lava fields, waterfalls and glaciers. The hotel was once an inn for workers at the nearby Geothermal Power Plant. In 2011, it was completely renovated with help from the Santa Monica-based design firm Minarc. So that the interior not compete with the other-worldliness of the exterior’s natural setting, the hotel was kept purposefully minimal with careful attention paid to using innovation materials and sustainable practices. It’s a lesson that we love to bring into our own homes. If you’re inspired by travel, don’t miss our luxury living lessons from Panama and Peru.

Luxury Living Icelandic Style

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There was an effort made to use recycled and repurposed materials throughout the hotel — driftwood, lava, recycled rubber. In addition, Icelandic references are sprinkled throughout the hotel’s design — photographs and prints of glacial waterfalls, an artic fox and even a brown trout adorn the walls. But nothing competes with that view of the lava fields.

Sustainable Luxury – Hotel Sitting Area

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Muted Gray Sofa

neutral sofa

Brass Pendant

gold pendant light

Luxury Bedroom: Icelandic Style.

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Horse Photograph

horse photo

Wood Stool

simple wood stool

Ion Hotel Luxury Bedroom

sheepskin throw on black chair

Black Acapulco Chair

black acapulco chair

Cozy Sheepskin Throw

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Icelandic Luxury Hotel Pool

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