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10 Luxe Drawer Pulls That Will Upgrade Your Space


Metallic Knobs

Whether you’re a renter on a rigid lease, a city-dweller on a sixth-floor walkup, or just on a good, old-fashioned budget, giving your space the makeover you want may sometimes seem beyond your grasp. For those willing to get creative, though, there are limitless quick-fixes and cost-efficient decorating ideas to be had. One of our favorite ways to instantly upgrade any space is by swapping out the hardware. Even if you’re still working with the flimsy furnishings from your college dorm, judiciously chosen hardware can make all the difference between beyond-basic and breathtaking. We’ve selected some of our favorite drawer pulls and cabinet hardware, tiny fixes that will impart glamour and beauty into even the most humble of abodes.

Minimalist Drawer Pull

minimalist drawer pull

Superfront’s “Holy Wafer” handles spill out over the lip of a cabinet drawer, providing an elegant alternative to traditional knobs.

Marble Drawer Pull

marble drawer pull

Inspired by the industrial vocabulary of I-beams, these pull handles from Make Worshop are milled from a single piece of white marble.

Brass Drawer Pull

brass and iron drawer pull

Anthropologie is a great source for easily-accessible hardware like this brass and iron knob.

Black Marble Drawer Pull

black marble drawer pull

You just can’t beat the minimal sophistication of these U-shaped black marble pulls from Cliffside.

Deco Chrome Drawer Pull

deco chrome drawer pull

This chrome pull from Nest Studio relies on deco geometry for a subtle elegance.

Modern Wood Knob

modern wood knob

Designed by Danish firm Norm Architects, these wooden knobs combine a simple, modern form with a warm, hand-hewn texture.

Metallic Knobs

Metallic knob hardware

These metallic “DOT” knobs from Sweden’s B&B are both contemporary and luxe.

Nickel and Horn Drawer Pull

Nickel and horn drawer pull

This nickel and horn pull is handcrafted by Mood Australia.

Lucite Drawer Pull

lucite and brass drawer pull

Designer Ashley Platt crafts her lucite and brass designs from Brooklyn, NY.

Gold Tongue Drawer Pull

gold tongue drawer pull

If decidedly non-traditional is your speed, these tongue-shaped pulls from artist Malia Jensen are just as good for starting conversations as they are for opening drawers.

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