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Luxury Gift Ideas for the Home


Copper cocktail shaker

Handmade, unique, well-designed–this is the list for the discerning friend or loved one on your list. Every object is designed thoughtfully and then crafted carefully. From an English pewter beer tankard (that would be a fantastic paired with a monthly microbrew delivery) to a terra cot pot hand thrown by a master potter in New England that, planted with a maidenhair fern, would make a beautiful dinner centerpiece, these are gifts that bring just a little luxury home. Check out 15 of our favorite luxury items to give (or receive).

Terracotta Urns

terracotta urns

Handmade by Connecticut by master ceramicist Frances Palmer, these terra cotta pots channel classic forms and would make even bodega flowers look chic.

Trinket Set

ceramic trinket dishes

English Pewter Beer Tankard

english pewter beer tankard

Bodum Copper Coffee Collection

copper french press coffee set

Painted Planters

geometric painted planters

Caudalie Candle

caudalie candle

Small Brass Origami Bowl

brass origami bowl

Mina Classic Blanket

black and gray throw blanket

Sailing Ship Kite

white sailing ship kite

Hay Candle Holder

copper candle holder

Handmade Copper Cocktail Shaker

copper cocktail shaker

Diptyque Candle Set

dyptique candle set

Ceramic Bud Vases

ceramic bud vases

Brass Tray

brass tray

Leather Catch All

blue leather catch all

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