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Best Of NYC Design Week: Marble Design Patterns


round marble tables Ideas

There is probably no material more classic than marble. A staple in architecture and design since antiquity, marble has long transfixed people with its natural beauty and subtle opulence. Indeed, marble has been a mainstay in decorative arts throughout history, but it seems to be particularly in vogue at this moment. If reclaimed wood and copper hardware were the defining materials of years past, marble is most certainly the design material du jour, making its way into designers’ work in both familiar and unexpected ways. Throughout the numerous shows and exhibitions held during this year’s New York Design Week, the material could be found adding a sense of timeless luxury and considered elegance to the items it adorned. From full-marble tables to faux-marbled vases, here are some of our favorite marble designs from this year’s festivities.

Lambert & Fils

Brass and marble table lamp

The bare-bones construction of Lambert & Fils “Clark” lamp is given a timeless look with brass and white marble.

Social + Studies

geometric mirror with marble base

Moving Mountains

marble and steel column table

Phillip Jividen

green marble table


round marble tables

Brendan Timmins

blue marble bookend


steel and marble side table


geometric marble boxes

Cody Hoyt

bold pattern ceramic vases

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