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15 Micro House Designs That’ll Save You Space


Micro home design

New Yorkers don’t really have a reputation for complaining. On the contrary, whether they’re piling into a jam-packed rush-hour subway car, climbing up to a fifth-floor walkup on a summer day, or waiting an hour in line for artisanal donuts, inhabitants of the Big Apple tend to take it all in stride. If there is one thing that New Yorkers love to complain about, though, it’s the size of their apartments. A sure-fire conversation starter, apartment sizes—especially in Manhattan—have long been a common point of commiseration.

Despite New York’s reputation for shoebox living, there are ways to maximize even the smallest of spaces. From ways to increase your storage to brilliant ideas for subdividing your space, these micro homes are packed with tips that are applicable to tiny New York apartments and beyond.

Sao Paulo Micro Living

round black staircase micro apartment

Brazilian architect Alan Chu maximized space and storage capacity in this São Paulo apartment with a brilliant wall of built-in storage.

East Village Micro Apartment

wood storage micro apartment design

Portland Micro Kitchen

white micro home kitchen skylights

Parisian Micro Studio

white stairs micro home designed

Prefab Micro Living

living cube small space organization

Barcelona Small Space Living

micro apartment bedroom design

Micro Apartment Solutions

Micro apartment living room glass wall

Madrid Tiny Apartment

split level small space design

Shipping Container Apartment

shipping container apartment design

Scandinavian Small Space Living

black and white tile micro apartment

Madrid Micro Apartment

small space living solutions

Minnesota Micro Home

wood paneling micro home design

Micro Beach House

Modernist micro beach house shingle style

Manhattan Micro Loft

split level urban apartment living

Seattle Micro Loft

loft space small living solution

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