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Minka Kelly Designing Tips For A New Home


Minka kelly

Actress Minka Kelly earned a rabid fan following for her role as a Texas cheerleader on the cult-favorite (and Netflix streaming) show Friday Night Lights. Now the Los Angeles native and interior design buff is focusing on some offscreen projects, like searching for a new home in a great neighborhood. Décor Aid sat down with Minka to chat about her approach to designing a new place and the hardest lesson she’s learned about decorating.

What are you looking for in your next neighborhood?

I want to be able to walk to a coffee shop and a dog park. I have two dogs: a cockapoo named Chewy, short for Chewbacca, and Fred, a border terrier. Where I live now, I have to drive everywhere. I’ve also learned from working with Trulia how important it is to be in a good school district.

What style of home are you looking for?

I’m a creature of habit. I like places that are older with character, history and charm. I experiment more with furniture.

Do you get excited to decorate a new place, or does it feel overwhelming?

I love interior design. I don’t like shopping much [for clothes], but I could shop for my home all day.

Do you have any advice for decorating a new home?

Take your time decorating, which is really, really hard. Layering over time makes things feel special. Live in a space for a few months before making big changes. When I moved into my house, I wanted to overhaul the bathroom, but my friend urged me to live with it for a while. I grew to love my bathroom as is and I’m glad I didn’t change it.

What makes a space feel like home?

Good lighting, art, and dogs. And plants–I need lots of green.

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