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10 Modern Ceramic Artists You Need To Know Now


White ceramic dishes

Like most facets of human production, design tends to mirror the social and economic currents of the time. Over the past decade, issues pertaining to sustainability, ethical production, and local sourcing have come to the fore, ushering a return to handicraft ideals that were last seen in the 1970s. In addition to hand-loomed textiles, locally-sourced wood furniture, and up-cycled home accessories, the art of ceramic making is having what many might call “a moment.”

It’s no surprise why. In an age when faceless mechanical production has become anathema to many, ceramics provide a potent antidote, imbued not just with clay, but with a story. From the asymmetrical undulation of form to the misplaced drip of glazing, the hand of the artist is clearly visible in ceramics, allowing the collector to interact with the craftsmen who made them. Despite its age-old history as one of humanity’s most enduring craft techniques, ceramics still continue to surprise us. Here are ten of our current favorite ceramicists who are making this timeless craft new again.

Andrew Molleur

pastel ceramic bowl

Hudson Valley-based ceramicist Andrew Molleur creates abstract, geometric compositions on his ceramic pieces by using inlaid pigmented forms.

Natalie Weinberger

white ceramic vases

Helen Levi

eye ceramic bowl

Object and Totem

white sculptural ceramics

Clam Lab

textural ceramic vase

BTW Ceramics

black and white dishes

Frances Palmer

white ceramic flower vase

Paula Grief

blue and white ceramic bowls

Workaday Handmade

geometric pattern ceramics

Recreation Center

ceramic mugs

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