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Contemporary China Dinnerware For The Holidays

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vera wang wedgwood grosgrain china

Whether you’re planning a holiday dinner for ten or two, a set of porcelain china can add an air of elegance to your meal. But getting out the china doesn’t necessarily mean dusting off your grandmother’s collection. There are a plethora of designers who are crafting elegant, contemporary, china dinnerware, which will show off your personal style, without startling your in-laws. No matter how dinner turns out, it’ll look great on these modern china sets.

The Kate Spade Parker Place Collection

kate space parker place china

The solid black bands and platinum edges turn this bone china set into a graphic statement. Each plate uses a different variation of the same motif, to distinguish between dishes, while creating a seamless flow through your holiday dinner. A robin’s egg blue band adds a delicate and playful touch of color.

Image via Kate Spade.

The Bernardaud Kintsugi Sarkis Plates

bernardaud kintsugi parkis china

Mixing and matching china sets can be difficult, but when done well, it can be a bold statement. If you’re looking to add a bit of color to an all-white set of china, look no further than the Kintsugi Sarkis Plates from Bernardaud. The gold detailing is individualized to each plate in the collection, and adds a personalized touch that is also excitingly elegant.

Image via Bernardaud.

The Grosgrain Collection from Vera Wang and Wedgwood

wedgwood vera wang grosgrain china

Wedding china doesn’t have to look outdated. Inspired by the trim used in Vera Wang wedding dresses, this collaboration between Wedgwood and Vera Wang is the perfect set for any newlywed couple. Wedgwood is one of the oldest English manufacturers of fine china, but this modern set never feels outdated.

Image via Wedgwood.

Newgrange Platinum by Waterford

waterford newgrange platinum

Waterford is a world-renowned brand known for their distinguished glass crystal pieces. But their china collections are also of the highest order. This set uses a gold, micro-print celtic pattern, for a contemporary twist on the company’s Irish heritage.

Image via Bloomingdales.

The Rosenthal Tac 02 Collection

rosenthal tac 02 walter gropius china

This all-white china set is anything but standard. The Rosenthal Tac 02 collection was designed by one of the 20th century’s greatest architects, Walter Gropius, and incorporates the Bauhaus emphasis on functionality, while looking exquisitely modern.

Image via Bridgecatalog.

The Monique Lhuillier Opulence Collection from Waterford

monique lhuillier opulence waterford china

With a distinct, yet elegant border patter, the Monique Lhuillier Opulence collection from Waterford certainly lives up to its name.

Image via Nifty Kitchen.

The Royal Copenhagen Blue Elements Collection

royal copenhagen blue elements china

If you’re looking for a traditional design that doesn’t feel musty, consider the Royal Copenhagen Blue Elements collection. With over 200 years of craftsmanship behind each plate, this collection is sure to outlast any and all changing trends.

Image via Louise Campbell.

The Kelley Wearstler Bedford Collection

kelley wearstler bedford china

A vivid, modern design is balanced by an elegant gold pattern for an entirely original set. This collection is certainly not your grandmother’s china.

Image via Bloomingdales.

Philippe Deshoulieres’ Arcades Set

philippe deshoulieres arcades set

If you’re looking to show off your art history know-how, consider this collection of art-deco inspired china from Philippe Deshoulieres. The contrast between the powder blue and matte gold is both timeless and modern.

Image via Bloomingdales.

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